Monday, July 16, 2007

Urgent prayer request

This is just a quick note to let you know that Katy is back in the hospital. She went to Emergency last night with breathing problems. She is on a ventilator to keep her breathing and is in tremendous pain. Please continue to bring her before the Throne. Thank you for your faithfulness.


  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Dawn, Katy and all, Sometimes I think Satan is just bound and determined to break you down, because HE KNOWS YOUR FAITH AND VICTORY ARE KNOCKING DOWN PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS in his attemps to reign. I am lifting Katy in urgent prayer to the Lord, that this hospitalization may give some very important information to your new Doctor and that the pain and breathing problems may be QUICKLY resolved! Oh, Lord, Our God, How long, Oh Lord, how long!?

    “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and HANG ON!” Keep remembering your wonderful exclamation of faith from last week: “I can do all things - THROUGH CHRIST! who strengthens me.

    Much love and compassion, Aunt Lil

  2. Patricia Says:

    Katy’s needs are great but our God is greater!!

    Praise God … How wonderful Katy already has her new local doctor, who seems to be both knowledgeable and understanding of her case, in place prior to this episode so that, once again, you don’t have to go thru this turn of events and educate another doctor!

    Katy is not alone …. there’s a host of angels and prayer warriors lifting her needs!


  3. Aleah Yunger Says:

    Ahh, again! You know you are truly living a Godly life when the joys are so full and so beautiful and the sadness is so deep and so painful. God has already provided for this need before you knew it was coming — like Patricia wrote, you have a new and dedicated doctor to be your blessing! Prayers for you… Try your best not to be afraid — God is beside you. Love, Aleah

  4. Anne Poler Says:

    Katy and family,

    We’ll be praying for you. You are definitely in our thoughts.

    Mark and Anne Poler

  5. Fairlight Says:

    Praying for you, dear friend…

  6. Candice & Crystal Sipe Says:

    Dear Katy,

    Our hearts are saddened to know your in the hospital again in a lot of pain, struggling to breathe. Please know we are praying for you. We know how excited and hopeful you are about the new doctor. I pray you will be able to get to the bottom of this, so you can have many more good days. Bless your heart, you have been through so much and you have handled it so well. May the Lord continue to give you the strength to get through this. I know he will. We’ll keep checking back to see how your doing. Love, Candice & Crystal

  7. Martha Harrison Says:

    Dearest Katy,

    My heart is crying out to our merciful God to give you relief from suffering tonight, and to bring your breathing back to normal. Yes, Satan knows how strong your faith is, and he knows he’s losing, but he’s trying hard to break that faith down. WE KNOW THERE’S VICTORY IN JESUS, and WHEN WE SPEAK THE NAME OF OUR LORD, SATAN DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE!!! Just know that your friends and loved ones are crying out to God on your behalf tonight, Katy. I pray that you will take a turn for the better quickly.

    Love in Him, Martha Harrison

    Thank you, Jesus, for Katy’s new knowledgeable Doctor. Please enfold Katy, her Mom and Dad and the entire family with your loving arms and give them peace. In Your Name, AMEN

  8. Preacher Says:

    We are all still praying for Katy. I’ve just added 3 Church loads of people to the list of people praying for her.

    God Bless Katy and her family.

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