Wednesday, August 22, 2007


You have been praying for over a year. We have all begged God for mercy. The Remicade treatments began helping Katy with the bowel issues of HPS, but not completely. The other problem of inflammation kept her in it’s grip and it was a daily challenge for her get out of bed by noon. The Imuran will not reach its full power in Katy’s body for another eight weeks, but we are seeing miraculous results. It is thrilling us to see her get up early and start her day with very little pain. We are rejoicing for every day of this. Gratitude makes our days so much more joyful.

Katy is preparing for her classes by organizing things in her office. Yesterday she finished her first scapbook filled with pictures of her two mission trips to Jamaica. It is colorful and cheerful, just like the people of that Island. They are a happy people, and the pictures show that. As I was looking through her scrapbook I could visualize her doing things like that again if the drugs continue to work as well as they have been.

We continue to pray for all of you and we want you to know that when prayers are answered for you, we get very excited! One friend we have been praying for is having a much better week with her health challenges. Our niece was spared the trauma of Hurricane Dean as she ministers to the sick in Mexico this summer. We are excited by what we see God do as we continue to study Daniel, and recognize that God remains faithful to His people forever and ever!

Please pray that the Lord will develop a sense of urgency with the Louisiana Social Service to complete our adoption of Qavah. We are finding it necessary to ask the Lord to intervene. Our plans have changed several times, but as of today we have made reservations in Louisiana to go pick her up next week keeping in mind that “Man makes his plans but the Lord determines his steps.”

  1. Doris Harriff Says:

    It is so wonderful to hear about Katy doing so well! And I’m praying that the delays in getting Qavah will be at an end. Unfortunately, the children’s services are often more interested in self-perpetuation than the well-being of the children. But God is more powerful than the children’s services!

    Aunt Doris

  2. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    WOWIE, WHOOPEE! MAY ALL GO WELL, and all manner of things be well. May it be a blest and a blessed trip. May Qavah be full of joy and excited by the novelties! May she love her Mama and Daddy from Day One, not to mention her sister and brothers. Love Aunt Lil

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