Sunday, August 26, 2007

Like Having A Baby

Paul and I have been pushing our physical limits to get our “to do” list down to a reasonable size. There are meals to cook and leave for Katy, a lawn to mow, weeds to pull, suitcases to pack, and a new little girl to think about. It’s not like we won’t have time to do these things when we get back, it’s that we both have the idea that it would be more wonderful to come home with Qavah, and just watch her. We want to watch her experience the creek in her bare feet. We want to catch a few lightening bugs and put them in a jar. We want to do the important stuff! We want to play!

We are praying with all the faith we have acquired over the past year that Katy’s health will remain stable while we are away. But if not, Aunt Julie knows just what to do and has been here many times when Katy’s health wasn’t stable. Thank you for keeping us all in your prayers as we set out tomorrow. We will call home and update every day. We thank the Lord for this event. It is something so precious that I can hardly wait to see how the Lord Himself will finish this story. God Bless!

  1. Jenice Says:

    Paul and Dawn,
    I am beside myself with joy as you set out to bring your baby girl home. I know something about this joy, two times, and it is beyond wonderful. It IS almost like having a baby. I so much appreciate the anticipation you hold in your heart to watch her play. Unlike having a baby, you are bringing home a little person(again)who has experiences you have not shared and losses you have not comforted. God is doing a great work in her and you. Of course, you know this already….that is what makes my excitement even greater. It’s hard work, just like a new baby, but in some ways harder, but in some ways more joyful because you are giving so much and the relationship is one that grows rather than is born. I am praying for you all during this time of transition and through the days and years to come. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and forget about the weeds! Play is much more fulfilling!!!! God bless you all on this journey and adventure. Isn’t life grand!
    Love in Him,

  2. Ib & Patricia Says:

    Greetings from the corner of n.w. MN, Canada and ND! We’re in the midst of our 2500 mile swing of organic inspections in KS, NE, SD, upper MN, and Des Moines, IA.
    Peace, a restful night’s sleep for tonight, calm and travel mercies as you embark on a journey for the next phase of your lives!!!
    We’ll keep you and Katy in our prayers.
    P.T.L. … both of Ib’s Danish nephews have in mid-August completed their respective Afghanistan and Iraqi duty tours and safely returned to DK after nightmarish experiences on the battlefront and as a Special Forces (Green Beret) leading multi-national NATO forces. Yes, there really is a coaltion in these countries together with U.S. forces. One of them looks forward to the due date of his first offspring today (following multiple ectopic pregnancies) and great-grandchild #2 for Ib’s step mother.
    Paul, out Presbyterian congregation (a huge one) voted tobegin to sever ties with the UPC and move over to the EPC where session and clergy can remain entact and that Presby arm will recognize and incorporate pension plans, etc.
    It’s been a hard, prayerful decision. Christians are commanded to pray for the unity of the church but homosexual issues and all-too-liberal modern-day interpretations of the Bible (literally social correctness, inclusivity, new age beliefs, feminism and truly unbiblical decision-making at GA and liberal Presbytery levels finally prompted action by a number of Evangelical congregations in our Heartland Presbytery, the 2nd most liberal Presbytery in the nation (Baltimore Presbytery being the most liberal). Many evangelical congregations in UPC have been working together in the New Wineskins movement.
    Anyway … peace, love and joy through Christ!!!

  3. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    I’m sure Katy will be fine - grin! It sounds like you all have probably found the magic drug combo on that front. We’re looking forward to all the posts about Quavah’s arrival. You guys are in our prayers!

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