Monday, September 10, 2007

Everyday Mercies

Scripture says “His mercies are new every morning.” That was the case today, just as promised. Qavah walked into the hematology/oncology department at the hospital as though she owned the place. She didn’t even ask to be carried in my arms. I had prayed for Qavah’s courage just last night but most of my prayers aren’t answered immediately, so I wasn’t expecting the change. The children’s department staff greeted her as though she had come to a party. She had so much fun with her doctor that she came home and told her daddy that she got Dora stickers and candy. She said she was going to go back! She also told him that the doctor had found Big Bird inside her ear and “The Count” was in her mouth counting her teeth. The doctor enjoyed Qavah’s enthusiasm and at the end of the appointment she turned to me and said, “well, I’m smitten!” We also met Miss Jill. We will see her on Wednesday before the infusion. She works with children getting treatments and reduces their stress by playing games and helping the children have fun. When I told that to Katy she was happy for Qavah but thought there should be a “Miss Jill” at her hospital on Remicade day!

Katy’s appointment went well, too. Basically she has struggled with sinus problems for a long time because of chronic early childhood nosebleeds. We now know nosebleeds are a symptom of HPS. Her face and ears hurt so much of the time that it distracts her. Today her doctor said she would try to treat her without surgery, so she was given a prescription for Allegra D and a nasal decongestant. The CT scan showed a significant amount of inflammation and it is painful. Just as with Qavah, I continue to pray and have the belief that the Lord cares about these things and will give Katy the courage to keep moving forward.

Katy is upstairs at this moment doing some required reading for one of her classes. Her eyesight has been affected by her sinus problems and I’ve watched her struggle through a paragraph and have to quit reading. We believe this is Katy’s year to graduate. We know she has already overcome so many challenges that she is going to meet her goal. There are many promises in scripture that build our faith. Faith produces hope. Hope gives us strength to keep going. When we open our eyes in the morning we can say with certainty, “His mercies are new every morning.”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Amen to needing a Miss Jill for adults too! I’ve said the same thing. A few years ago, I had surgery and the person next to me in pre-op was a child. They took pictures of him, gave him stickers for courage, and did other things to cheer and calm him. And it struck me how little of any of that was extended to the adult patients.

    I know from teaching students who are afraid or discouraged about math that a little bit of the kind of enthusiasm and encouragement that you’d show to a child goes a long way toward helping them feel more comfortable.

    I’m so glad Qavah’s appointment went so well! You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    How wonderful for both you and Qavah that all went so smoothly … God went BEFORE you, as HE alone promises!
    Greetings from the north woods of Michigan! It poured here last night and the farmers are so relieved! It’s been a long drought.
    Ib is inspecting this a.m. and now that the computer here is up mid-morning, I’m online working, working, working … but in SUPER surroundings!
    This IS the day the Lord has made …. as it was 6 years ago today on Manhattan and in DC and in PA on 9/11.

  3. Doris Harriff Says:

    Thank God for His mercies, and for Miss Jill.

    I would like to insert a prayer request in here. Dawn and Katy, you are so gracious to pray for the requests we make. My little great-granddaughter, Keely Littrell, has been in the hospital (in St. Louis, MO) since Friday evening. I just found out a couple of hours ago. They are pretty sure she has meningitis, but not sure if it’s the infectious type. She is in ICU as far as I know - she was getting better at one time, but when they took her out of ICU, she started having seizures, so they took her back. She is just about 3 1/2 months old. Her grandmother is my daughter Karen, and I pray that this will cause her to realize how much she needs the Lord.

    Aunt Doris

  4. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Dawn and all, what wonderful accounts of Qavah! And last night I was lying there praying that God would take away the FEAR. Because I thought she was already displaying a lot of COURAGE by not jumping up and running away screaming in the face of such obvious fear. Thank God He answered our prayers and the intent in them in such a wonderful way.

    Katy, may Jesus sustain you through every word of every paragraph until you walk up and get that diploma. That’s another occasion when I think all heaven is going to stand up and cheer! We honor your courageous fight, your “macro-thumia” - there’s a Greek word from Uncle Tony for you. It means endless endurance, or endless patience. We honor you for the way you keep battling on, strong in the strenght of Jesus’ might.

    Paulie, you’re a nephew to be proud of! Love so much to ALL OF YOU. Aunt Lil

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