Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is a joyful day. It’s Katy’s birthday (she’s 23 today) and we have Qavah to help us celebrate. I was in the kitchen this morning surrounded by females. Dawn, Katy, and Qavah had come down for breakfast, Annelise had arrived for the day, and even Ellie was grazing the floor, looking for anything the younger ones might have dropped.

We thank God for His goodness, and we thank all of you for your prayers.

Paul (Honey, Daddy, Poppa)

  1. Doris Harriff Says:

    Happy Birthday, Katy! What a wonderful birthday gift you have in your new little sister!

    Aunt Doris

    P.S. - I hear your Daddy is going to have a biiiiig milestone birthday in a couple of months!

  2. Barbara Walker Says:

    Happy and joyful birthday to you Katy! What a year this past one has been. I’m praying for an awesome one for this coming year (not that the last one wasn’t awesome in so many ways!)

    Love in Christ,


  3. Linda W. Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great way to celebrate your birthday with all the girls around you…maybe another Girls Day In:)! I read something this morning that reminded me of you & this past year. “It is in the storm that you find the strength of your Anchor”. And you have certainly shown all of us the strength of your Anchor this past year…a life well-lived before all of us! Thank you!

  4. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    Happy Birthday, Katy!!! What a blessing that you are feeling well for your special day AND you have the amazing gift of a new little sister to help you celebrate!! We are celebrating with you all!


  5. Donna, Rhonda, Bryanna & Keily Says:


  6. Sandy Says:

    Happy, happy Birthday Katy!


  7. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Katy, I’m so late to say Happy Birthday to you today! I trust every moment has been a golden one! We are very thankful not only that you were born, but that you became such a special and loved and inspiring member of our extended family. NOW I WILL GET THIS DATE ON MY CALENDAR SO IT WON’T SLIP UP ON ME AGAIN! I’m late getting on the blog as I’ve been working all day on my lesson for my young seeker, on John chap 3. Such a wonderful lesson to teach her. Please help me pray - and all of you - that God will grant her believing faith. Her name is Heather. She is 27, and comes from atheistic parents and grandparents.

    I’ll be looking forward to those pictures! Love, Aunt Lil

  8. Mike Theesfield Says:

    Hi, Katy!
    Happy Birthday and hi to your little sister!
    Love and donuts
    Cousin Mike

  9. LouAnne Says:

    Happy Birthday, Katy!! I hope you had a blessed day, celebrating with your family!! Much love!

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