Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Joy-Filled Day

The household is hopping. The sounds of a four year old is like music. Qavah has had such a happy day and it started early because Katy went to the doctor for a bone density check this morning. Then this afternoon it was Qavah’s turn to visit her new pediatrician. The initial visit covered a lot of ground. We are now in the Carilion system, and an appointment was made with a pediatric hematologist. I will explain Qavah’s condition in another post. For all this little girl has been through, she smiles most of the time. However, today when the doctor came into the room, I saw big tears quietly rolling down Qavah’s cheeks. She didn’t make a sound but I knew she was worried. But she soon discovered today was just a check up with no blood tests necessary.

Katy is better today, however we found out rather quickly that the Prednisone taper was not going to work yet. Yesterday evening, Katy’s energy level plummeted, and her muscles tightened down to the point where she could not talk or get a deep breath. We followed the advice of the endocrinologist and gave her 15cc of Potassium and 7.5mg of Prednisone and within an hour things were back under control. She was able to get out of bed in time to celebrate her birthday. She is back up to 20mg today and is doing much better. Her endocrinologist is going to talk to her GI doctor about increasing the Imuran dosage. We’ll have to wait until all the doctors agree on a new plan. Until then, we are having as much fun as possible, and we made the most of this day.

Paul and I are having a great time. For the first time since we started having children, there are more girls in the house than boys. Paul said,”I sure can tell the girls are taking over, all the shower soap is flowery or sweet sugar fragrances.” Tomorrow the “girls” are going shopping for manly-man soap. Any suggestions?

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    I think “Irish Spring” is a wonderful male soap…but don’t know if a Scottish lad will want to use it!! I’m so glad you know how to get Katy right back up again when she’s down and that the endocrine Doc is onto it! Thank the Lord for another happy day for all.

    Am enjoying the gorgeous pics of Qavah, esp. the one in all her splendor on the formal couch - and looking up at Daddy by his chair. Its getting late, dear ones - goodnight with love, Aunt Lil

  2. Kristin Dunker Says:

    So happy to hear about all the happiness that is spreading around the Campbell household these days! Manly soaps? Well, with selling AVON, I have had lots of male customers over the years like the original Skin So Soft scent soap. MY favorite (even though I’m not a man!) for my man is Burts Bees Bay Rum - well, it’s now called “Citrus Spice” shower soap. Smells SO good! Hope your day today is a wonderful one!

  3. Carrie Thompson Says:

    Dad & Jeb love the Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap, but it’s very hard to find it around here. :-) You could check online at


  4. Karen Tillman Says:

    I vote for the crisp scent of Irish Spring!!! Only because I like Irish Accents!!! GRIN I am glad that all in all Katy’s day went well, and hope she can taper again soon!!!
    Love and prayers to all
    Karen Tillman

  5. Barbara Walker Says:

    What a lovely picture your household paints. Lots of work, but lots of smiles and rewards. Virgil feels a little like Paul, with me, Ashley and Katie (our cat). He’s totally outnumberd, but adored. Virg likes plain ole Ivory. No real scent so his own masculine smell comes through and he always smells clean!



  6. Kendall Pelish Says:

    Happy Birthday, since it’s late Happy un-Birthday!

  7. Jes Says:

    I’m glad that Katy had a good birthday! Yea for girls outnumbering boys! We are no longer tied in our house - little Isaiah just tipped the scales…but at a whopping 9lbs - he hasn’t tipped them very far! :)

    Random thought - Did you know that the Blue Ridge library has story times on Thursday mornings at 10:30? I don’t know if that might fit into your fall schedule - but we are going everyweek and the kids all love the librarian - Ms. Jackie! She reads several books on a theme and then the kids all get to do a craft - and it’s FREE!!!! :)

    Also we are planning on doing the “Fun with my Folks” program at Explore Park -

    Another mommy told me about it and just raved that her kids had a blast!
    Just wanted to give you a heads up on some fun fall stuff that Qavah might enjoy!

    Love ya!

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