Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

The Prednisone taper is going well thus far. I felt weak today, but experienced no digestive trouble. Tomorrow, I’ll go “back up” to 20mg. This taper schedule was recommended by my endocrinologist. I am very thankful for his involvement.

Today, was a fun day! Colin, Jenn and Annelise visited for the entire afternoon and early evening. It took Qavah only about five minutes before she started playing with them. I am pleased with how well she is adjusting to living here. She is very smart and interested in whatever I am doing. Our day was so joyful that Qavah didn’t have a nap- that meant she went to bed early and I got some schoolwork accomplished. I have pictures of our day, but it will take me awhile to post them.

Tomorrow begins the official “work week” for everyone. Mom and I will babysit Annelise, as usual. I’m also hoping to start doing some pre-school work with Qavah. Today, Mom and I managed to do the laundry and unpack, so our home is looking more settled.

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