Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lice aren’t nice

Although Katy is having to take some strong medication to keep her pain under control, she is still hanging in there with me and fighting the lice with all her might. Today I took Qavah to the pediatrician and had her examined for lice. I got them all! I found the crab lice hiding in the rim of her ear and packed her ear rim with Vaseline. She has patiently endured all the soakings and treatments. Imagine how happy we are that the results were an “all clear.” When the doctor came into the room she said, “Qavah, you’ve had a haircut!” When I explained the reason she said, “Shaving the head is the very best way to deal with it but most people won’t do it.” I guess it was a matter of time management for me. As some of you have noted in your comments, getting rid of them is time consuming.

Thank you all for your comments and prayers. Katy is counting down the days to Remicade Day. I am counting down the lice as I suck them into the vacuum with glee.

  1. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    Lice are definately no fun!!! Been there, done that!! The cost of cleaning each and every piece of upholstered furniture, every inch of every carpet, and every singel pillow is also horrific!! Once I got it, apparently from the headrest in an airplane and I know that it can be maddening …. and often the results are not as squeeky clean as hoped. Some toy or doll or something that has fallen behind or under a piece of furniture can have lice lurking therein. So don’t despair if you have to go through the entire process repeatedly.
    The reason so many children in Africa have shaved heads is to prevent lice infestations. Missionaries in Africa have shared that tidbit with us.
    Hope the discomfort isn’t too great.

  2. Karen Tillman Says:

    Vrooom Vroooom Lice lice go away, and don’t come back here to stay!!! GRIN Glad the visit went well, and don’t blame you a bit on the head shaving thing for sure.
    Take care and give Katy my love
    Karen Tillman

  3. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    Lice aren’t nice
    But then I suppose,
    There are worse things
    Around right under our nose…

    A bee in your bonnet
    A mouse in your pants
    A snake in your bathtub
    A bed full of ants!

    A squid in your lunchbox
    A slug in your shoe!
    A rat in your pj’s
    A frog-filled canoe!

    So nits, go away!
    But I count my joys
    that never have I found
    An iguana with my toys!!

    -Jennifer :-)

  4. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    Lice may not be nice …. but remember how thankful Corrie Ten Boom was for them in the concentration camp!! Patricia

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