Saturday, September 08, 2007

Making things work

**Katy’s Musings has been updated with pictures of yesterday’s visit**

Katy was hit hard yesterday with another bout of adrenal insufficiency. We adjusted her Prednisone and balanced her potassium and magnesium throughout the night. This morning she was better but still shaky. The event started with abdominal pain and a sudden loss of energy. Her sugar level jumped to 175 and her resting heart rate was 150. She was covered in hives and had trouble getting her breath again. She had not eaten anything she hasn’t had before, and there was no big change in her physical health last week except for the steroid taper attempt. I don’t think we can do anything about this steroid dependency until her doctors have a better grasp of what is going on. We are praying for wisdom for them because when they don’t know what is going on they can’t help her. We keep her emergency medical kit in one place and all her adrenal crash medication is together where it is easy to find. All of this happened to Katy while she was at the house by herself. I would just like to thank God for watching over her and giving her the strength to open the bottles. Katy knows to keep her cell phone handy and called as soon as her symptoms began. While I coached her through the process of taking the medication, Paul got on his cell and called my friend to go to the house. Together they managed and when we arrived back home she was enough better that I could tell she was moving in the right direction.

Qavah had a good time visiting her grandparents yesterday and seemed to feel at home with her surroundings. She was given a couple of books by Grandma and Granddaddy and we read them on the way home. She is taking all of the changes in her life very well. She has pretended to call members of her foster family on her “retired” older model cell phone. Her play reflects that she thinks about them and has happy memories of her time with them. We are very thankful that the transition has been easy for her. She also shows compassion to her new sister, Katy, whenever she sees Katy is not feeling well. She displays affection and delight all day long. I got home from my morning walk to find her sitting on Paul’s lap and the two of them were touring the yard on the lawn tractor. She grinned with delight and waved when she saw me. Yes, I ran for the camera and took pictures!

In other good news, Paul has new soap in the shower. Old Spice Red Zone. The back of the bottle says it was designed to be a “unique, long-lasting scent, just for guys.” He was satisfied. But many of the other soaps you mentioned sound good too. The main thing to celebrate is enjoying the clean fresh scent of a happy husband.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    OOOHHH, Katy! Our hearts ache for her. Would loved to have joined Qavah playing with the kitty! After I’d written about Irish Spring soap, I thought of Old Spice which I get for Tony sometimes… he always uses that after shave and I don’t think any of the new fancy ones are as good!

    love you all, Aunt Lil

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