Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prayers needed

I took Katy to the doctor today with a fever and shortness of breath. After a chest x-ray and an assessment of her condition it was decided to give her an antibiotic and push her prednisone up to 60 mg for the next three days. We are not sure what is going on but a cough has developed suddenly although her chest x-ray showed clear lungs. The doctor of course is concerned about her adrenal system handling this challenge. She has been shaking all day. She couldn’t get up the stairs by herself which suggests to us that her adrenal glands are in trouble. So call upon the Lord in this day of trouble and we will keep you informed. Our strength is small tonight, but our heavenly Father knows that. Thank you for your prayers.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Dear ones, SO VERY SORRY TO HEAR OF THIS NEW COMPLICATION! My heart cries for Katy, and I will be crying to the Lord tonight. May she be held in the arms of Jesus, and may He HEAL her adrenal glands, Oh, Father, I pray, in Jesus’ dear Name. Love you all, Aunt Lil

  2. Jes Says:

    Oh Dawn - I’m sorry! We will be praying for Katy and for all of you this evening. I know you all are worn out. I know that this latest set back is especially hard following on the heels of yesterday’s sucessful Remicade treatment.

    Remember who you are - you, my friend are a Proverbs 31 woman and your ‘arms are strong’ for the tasks set before you. (vs.17) We love you all so much and lift you up before the throne this evening -


  3. Trisha Ferris Says:

    Dear Campbells,
    The daily ups & downs of Katy’s health are staggering. I am praying for all of you. I thank God for you & I entrust you into His loving & wise hands.
    In the Lamb,

  4. Martha Harrison Says:

    Dawn, please know that I, too, am praying for Katy in this latest set-back. My heart hurts for all of you. Our God is faithful and will not leave you comfortless. Love in Him,

  5. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Dawn,
    Please let Katy know that I am thinking and praying for her. I am truly saddened to hear the news about the steroids, as I am tapering myself right now. I hate those things, but they have kept me alive so I guess I shouldn’t complain to much. I know she was so looking fwd to Thursday, and I hope that she is wstill up for the task. Please give Katy a hug from me, and I hope she will soon be back on the path to healing yet again.
    Love and many prayers
    Karen Tillman

  6. Linda Kochendarfer Says:

    My grandson Adam and I are reading the blog. We are so sorry to hear that you are feeling bad again. Please know that we are going to immediately pray for you and your family. We love you and will think about you all day.

    Mrs. K and Adam

  7. Sandy Says:

    You can count on prayers from here. I hope today is a better day.

  8. Doris Harriff Says:

    I’m praying that the Lord will touch Katy’s adrenal glands and that they will start functioning properly, so that she can get off the prednisone completely.
    Aunt Doris