Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sabbath Retreat

We had a perfect day. The girls both felt well enough to go to church. I love going to a church in our own community because it is humbling to sing and worship with our friends and neighbors. My next door neighbor was there and is a fabulous seamstress. She is making Qavah a Bible bag. We raised our voices to sing songs of praise to the God of all creation together. He held us in His arms and carried us all through another week, and there we were to worship Him together. That is something to be thankful for!

When we arrived home from church we had a simple meal and hit our beds for one of those wonderful Sunday afternoon naps. It was the kind of nap that doesn’t start out with the setting of an alarm. We all slept for three hours and awoke feeling stronger and refreshed. Qavah is a good napper and it’s a good thing for us! After nap time we took Katy and Qavah to the Awana program at a local church. Qavah seemed to enjoy it and came home with a joyful spirit. She is in the “Cubbies” group and tonight they played games, sang, danced, and learned about Jesus. Paul and I could hardly wait for her to come home and tell us about it. A friend brought her home and we were waiting in the driveway for her. We are pretty much over the moon about this little girl and we’ve only had her in our home for one week.

Katy and Qavah both have doctor’s appointments tomorrow morning to have some things checked out. Katy is looking for relief from some chronic sinus problems, and Qavah will have her hematologist examine her to be better prepared for Wednesday’s infusion. I am praying, asking the Lord to give Qavah more courage. Whenever we go into an unfamiliar building she shakes and shivers in our arms until she is satisfied that nothing or no one is going to hurt her. I have seen her play with her dolls and some of her pretending involves medicine or a doctor’s visit. It is so much a part of her life. When I think about her right now I pray, “Lord, fill her little heart with courage as much as you have filled it with joy.” I know He will. I’ve seen Him do great and mighty things all year.

  1. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    Katy and family,
    I know I have not been as faithful in commenting as I usually try to be but life’s been really busy. I still read every day though! I praise God for His workings in your lives and continue in prayer for daily strength. The joy I see in these words, even on rough days, is such a blessing!
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

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