Thursday, September 20, 2007

The good things

Katy was awake during the night for pain medication and electrolytes. We had plenty of both on hand. I am thankful that her Remicade treatments do work. After Monday’s treatment she will have some great relief. I am also thankful that Qavah is doing well. She enjoys helping around the house and especially likes sorting. She likes unloading the silverware from the dishwasher, and we’re happy to give her the job. I’m having a grateful day. I was thinking as I carried our bedding to the laundry room that I’m very thankful for electricity and the washer and dryer. I am thankful for my vacuum and bug spray. I’m thankful for hair products and lice combs. All of these things have made the lice clean-up so much easier! I was thinking that in the next two weeks Katy will have had her Remicade, Qavah another transfusion, both girls should be feeling well and the lice will be gone. I’m thinking of having an early Thanksgiving celebration at that time. As I look over my post, I can see I have been doing a lot of thinking. And through God’s power, that is greater than my own, I am being encouraged to think about the good things to come. Jennifer’s poem adds a whimsical mood to the problem of lice and is very effective. I’d like to see that poem illustrated and hanging in the pediatrician’s office! (for Jennifer’s poem, read yesterday’s comments.)

  1. Sara Says:

    Every time I do laundry I’m thankful for my washer and dryer, also. I’m glad that I don’t have to take it down to the stream and beat it on the rocks. I am also thankful for friends who teach us about God’s love and strength in times of great need and also in times of everyday chores. You are a blessing to me and having a friend like you is a very good thing!

  2. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    Amen to the one above!
    Having spent many days (yes, and weeks) on Amish farms in WI, IL, MN, MO, IN, MI, KS, IA within the past year, I can really truly be grateful for modern conveniences …. I really can’t fathom how people in Africa or in underdeveloped areas of the world can so easily take things like lice infestations in stride. But then, missionaries in the field sometimes sleep up in trees so they won’t be attacked by wild animals, etc. A world apart, yet so near in prayer.

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