Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Night

Katy is resting comfortably at RMH. Paul Burton is spending time with her this evening and the nursing staff has been wonderful. They have been giving Katy her electrolytes faithfully. Things have calmed down considerably since last night but Katy was hoping to be feeling much stronger by now. Her endocrinologist is going to be meeting with her in the morning. He is a kind man and nearing retirement. His listening skills are great, and Katy never leaves a meeting with him feeling diminished.

We have seen the Lord’s goodness all day. He is faithful to provide. When Katy’s food tray arrived it looked marvelous, but she said she didn’t have the energy to digest roast beef and mashed potatoes so the nurse’s assistant ordered her a light sandwich for later tonight. Katy thanked her repeatedly for doing that. Another nurse took Qavah around the eighth floor to smile and wave at people while Katy and I had some time alone to cry, blow our noses, brush her teeth, and put on a little lipstick. It was all good.

Paul is in Houston on business. We talked this morning and he said, “I’m in Houston but my heart is home with you and the girls.” All married men reading this blog should call their wives tomorrow and say something like that even if you aren’t in Houston. It made me smile about five times today. It was another gift of love that reminds me that God has surrounded us with good things and we must choose to focus on the all-surpassing greatness of His power at work in all circumstances. Sleep well friends, and know that you are helping us persevere through all these challenges.

  1. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear dawn,
    I am just now getting around to reading late tonight. I wish I could say there are answers, but all of us with HPS seem to go through so many trial and errors, and some longer than others before arriving at any answers. My prayer for Katy is that she does not lose heart and that she continues to persevere with God giving her strength. I am battling the steroids effects myself right now and have been very sleep deprived which seems to be my major battle with the steroids thus far this time. However, the hardest part always seems to be going less than 20mg, so Katy is not alone in her battle, and I hope that brings her some comfort. I think and pray for all of you often, and will continue to do so.
    Love always
    Karen Tillman

  2. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    We are praying that Katy is home soon!!!! We are praising God that her doctors are attentive and compassionate. We pray they will be given insight into how best to treat Katy! Please let us know how we can help!!


  3. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Dearest Katy,
    I can’t even imagine how frustrated you must feel. I can imagine maybe part of it. My body seems to be all out of whack right now, and I keep missing work, which only contributes to the stress, which makes my body more out of whack and so on. I’m so sorry you’re back in the hospital. Sheena is back in the hospital too - I told her some people will do just about anything for five star service and award winning food - HA! I hope you get out of “the joint” in good speed.

    I went to see my friend Annette last night. She’s back in the hospital getting her second round of chemo and she’s feeling so down too. She’s got pictures of her children taped all over her hospital room. Kelsey is in first grade, and her mom has taped all of those little work sheets that first graders do all over the room as well - she feels so cheated that she’s missing out on Kelsey’s first grade year. So, I went up to spend some time with her. She’s a big Grey’s Anatomy fan, so we had a Grey’s Anatomy premiere night party in her room.

    I wish I lived closer and I could go rent some Jane Austin flicks and we could have a Jane Austin night!

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