Sunday, October 07, 2007

Change of Seasons

This morning we girls woke up slowly. Paul left for church and I read Qavah a story from her little children’s Bible. While still in our pajamas we turned on a tape and marched all around her room to the music of When the Saints go Marching In. Qavah loves music of every kind and she really enjoyed the marching. Katy was strong enough to get dressed so when Paul arrived home we were ready to do something different than hang around the house all day.

We took our church’s Sunday service recorded from last week, and put the girls in the car for a ride on the parkway. The leaves are just beginning to turn all those delightful shades of orange, green, and yellow so we drove along the parkway in awe of the Lord’s magnificent paintbrush. The sermon was about the joy of suffering. The man who preached that sermon was familiar with heartache and therefore his words were filled with hope for us. It all comes down to trusting that God is for us, and loves us, through all the trials this life brings our way. The message had us in tears several times because the emotions are still so raw. But while the tears flowed we looked out across the Blue Ridge Mountains on this beautiful Sabbath day and rested in the knowledge that He Who made the mountains holds us all together as we live out our lives by faith.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Beautiful, Dawn! It rested my heartache for you all to think of you driving that Parkway in the midst of God’s palette of tree colors, the mountains merging in the mists, and listening to a sermon that gave hope and comfort through tears. I’m so glad that Katy’s pain level was low enough for her to want to get dressed and go out - I’m sure that was sheer joy after a desperately awful week in the hospital! A paragraph of joy in your life story that’s had so much of pain recently. Many thanks to the Great Joy-Giver!

    Love, Aunt Lil

  2. Aleah Yunger Says:

    Answered prayers, this is! If nothing more than a spot of joy and a reminder of the comfort that our Father in Heaven pours on us daily. Oh, this had me in tears! I want to be on the Blue Ridge Parkway :) Praying for you all tonight — sleep and peace for Katy, rest for Dawn, joyful music for Qavah, and a happy home for Paul. Love, Aleah

  3. Trisha Ferris Says:

    I’m so glad that Katy felt well enough to take a joy ride & then to contemplate the concept of joy in suffering. Oh, how upside down the Kingdom of God is. He does delight in relieving pain, but He also delights in showing off his joyful suffering saints. Keep striving for the joy, Katy.

  4. Jes Says:

    A hearty AMEN to all of the above! We continue to pray for rest and healing…


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