Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family time

We have all been enjoying a sunny Saturday at home. Katy came home from the hospital yesterday in a hard driving rain but nothing dampened her enthusiasm for coming home. She enjoyed a good night of sleep in her own bed. We woke up to clear skies and plenty of sunshine. Colin, Jenn, Annelise, and a family friend joined us for lunch. We had all the family around the table for soup and dessert. There were interesting conversations, and a lot of laughter. I can’t even describe the way we felt last night when we passed by her bedroom door and saw her bedside light shining from beneath the door. She’s really home. She looks wonderful, and we hope and pray for many more sunny days like this, filled with lots of laughter.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    What a wonderful picture you have painted for us, AT LAST! God is so faithful…but this time I think it truly was darkest just before the dawn…and no wonder.

    Katy, we are SO THANKFUL you are home in your pretty room, and all over the house, I’m sure you are full of joy in the Lord as well as in being with family at home. Aproveite! As we say in Portuguese! Savor it! Much love, Aunt Lil

  2. Sandy Says:

    A huge hug to all of you!!! I am so happy that Katy was able to come home (hopefully for a good long stretch this time!) and that you all can enjoy a great weekend. Take good care! And know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Jes Says:

    Yeaaaa for another homecoming!! I was waiting and hoping to see that Katy was able to come home…I’m just begining to understand what mothers mean when they say ‘it’s so good to have all your chicks under one roof!’ We love ya’ll and rejoice with you this beautiful fall day!


  4. Patricia Says:

    What a blessing!!! Have a good weekend!! Hope Katy is strong enough by tomorrow morning to be able to be wheeled to church to be with her local church family unless, at this time, she’s still too vulnerable to infection, of course.

  5. kim rose Says:

    oh Praise the Lord! I have been away for the weekend and couldnt wait to get home to check and see if Katy got to come home… What wonderful news. Many people I visited with over the weekend have been praying for Katy and the entire family.

    God Bless