Monday, October 15, 2007

Fullness of Joy

I want to thank all of those who fasted and prayed this past weekend. Prayer changes things! Katy is still nauseated and is experiencing abdominal pain but she is able to be out of bed and doing a few of the things she wants to do. She is feeling great about being down to 5mg of prednisone. It took all morning for her to get up and get around but she did it, and then Aleah came to visit this afternoon. Aleah’s June wedding plans are underway so there were many things they needed to discuss! The talk of medications, hospital stays, and pain problems were shelved and two friends talked of their studies, dresses, goals, and dreams. It was all so precious and “normal!”

Our efforts to replace some of Katy’s doctors are proceeding well enough that our hearts are at peace about all that. If anyone reading this blog is having struggles with their health, and your doctor is just not helping you meet your goals, I would highly recommend reading the book, How Doctors Think. I mentioned that just last week but it is worth repeating. We are holding on to the encouraging words from one of our blog readers, Sandy. She said it only takes one doctor who really cares to get things turned around.

Last night Katy stayed home with a friend of ours while Paul and I went to a little country church. Another friend of ours was being baptized. This man, a husband and father of three grown boys, has made a commitment to follow Christ, and demonstrated that in a public way by being baptized. His countenance was beaming. The pastor of the church spoke of the joy we have when we know we are forgiven by a loving and just God, and our eternal destination is settled. But he further expounded on the meaning of the phrase, “fullness of joy,” found in in 1 John chapter one. How can anyone have a heart filled with joy even though they suffer? First, trust God’s plan without allowing circumstances to control whether joy resides in your heart. Second, speak continually to Him in prayer remembering He is always present with us. And third, continue to ask forgiveness and let go of guilt which separates us from fellowship with God.

I’ve lived long enough to know that life takes sudden turns. Suddenly it can all be turned upside down, and the only One Who isn’t surprised or trembling is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Who led them with an outstretched arm and invites us to trust Him in the same way. He has led our family to the water’s edge, the sea has parted, and we’re running full speed toward the promised land. He’s right beside us and scripture tells us that in His presence there is fullness of joy. Although I am Presbyterian, I do believe a little Baptist preachin’ last night influenced me! Do I hear an amen?

  1. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    I will give a hearty amen to that! I needed to hear those encouraging words and I thank you for them. Trust is such a small word but such a huge, difficult action. I’m thankful to hear that Katy is doing ok and is able to enjoy being home. We’re continuing to pray for fuller healing.
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  2. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    Yes … resoundingly …. from a fellow Presbyterian!

  3. Aleah Yunger Says:

    Glad you enjoyed our little country home :) I dearly enjoyed your company today, Katy! Your home is always so inviting. Thanks for letting me share my excitement and future and life with you. I can feel God all around us in those moments, working in our hearts and minds. My prayers are with you tonight — sleep well! In love, Aleah

    PS — Qavah is simply too cute for words! ;)

  4. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    Dawn, thank you for the reminder that true Joy transcends our circumstances. It’s not some giddy, emotional feeling of “happiness” that comes and goes with the wind. It is not the absence of sadness or pain, but the presence of God. We can have joy in our salvation regardless of what we’re going through. But without an eternal perspective, we are guided by our feelings and our experiences. As Christians we know that what God allows in our lives is ultimately in His will and will work for His glory and our benefit. Without that knowledge and comfort, we would be miserable in deed. Thanks be to God for His glorious plan and for revealing Himself to us that we might know true joy — knowing Him!


  5. Karen Tillman Says:

    I am so glad that you and Aleah had such a good time. I just LOVE weddings!!! I hope that your progress continues on the right path, and am happy that your family is at peace with the new doc hunt. I will also pray that progresses in a positive manner. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I have been thinking about you.
    Love and prayers
    Karen Tillman