Friday, October 05, 2007

Through many dangers toils and snares

Yesterday I called Katy early in the morning to ask her what I could bring to the hospital. She said she didn’t need anything and wanted Paul and I to stay home. She said she could see what she was putting us through, how exhausting it was, and asked if we would just stay home. We were hurting so badly for her that we wanted to ignore her request and run to the hospital just to hold her. She told us that she needed to be alone. Sensing that her spirit was deeply wounded by some of the things that have happened this hospital visit, we worked by telephone all day to find another GI practice and help for her, but by the end of the day we had gotten nowhere. Along with sensing her despair, I had to listen to all the reasons why “insurance wouldn’t cover” or “we just don’t have time to research,” and by the end of the day I wondered what part of the day to salvage and pronounce “good.” All the while, we stopped and prayed several times for Katy’s situation.

About ten o’clock last night the phone rang and it was Katy. Her voice was quiet but peaceful. For the next two hours she told us how she had spent the day in prayer, telling the Lord many of the things that were on her heart and asking, “why?” We listened to her tell us about the way she worked through her spiritual struggle, and how she felt at peace about everything, even the feelings of abandonment by the medical community, and how her heart was at rest. She told us that she felt the hospital had done their job in balancing her electrolytes and they had treated her bacterial infection, so today the plan is to bring her home.

About four days ago her abdomen began to spasm and the muscle movement is clearly visible. As her colon is twisting and pulsating, she is in terrible pain. The result of four days of that has been that she cannot hold food down. The GI doctor on call came to see her and proclaimed that, “you need to find someone who knows about this disease and have them help you.” As she has tried to eat over the past four days, food returns to her mouth filled with stomach acid. For a second time in this past year a physician has crossly told her that she would get better if she would just eat. We have taken Katy to two University hospitals, asked for help from National Institutes of Health, and she has been hospitalized eight times in the past year. To know that God has given Katy the grace to forgive, and accept that her care is what it is, happens to be the part of the day that I can pronounce good. I understand why she needed a day to ask the Lord, “why?”

Through many dangers, toils, and snares, we have already come. Even the dangers of hopeless thoughts are being healed by the mercy of God.

  1. Doris Harriff Says:

    My heart aches for Katy, and for Paul & Dawn. Her GI problems are obvious, yet an MD is heartless enough to suggest she can fix it herself! My prayers are going up to the Lord to touch Katy’s body, and to use this situation for His glory. I know you know this, Katy, but I think it must surely help to be told from time to time that someday this will all be over and you will be with the Lord forever.

    God bless.
    Aunt Doris

  2. Sandy Says:

    I’ve been around the block a few times with the medical community as well, and have heard all of these same kinds of disheartening comments from doctors too (eat more, try harder, stop focusing on symptoms). Those are the doctors who I have left behind in search of others who aren’t quite so tied up in their own ego that they blame the patient when they can’t figure out what to do. And, you know, all it takes is ONE good one to turn things around. One doctor who will listen, learn, fight the system, carry part of the burden with them rather than leaving it all to the patient and their family. There are doctors like that out there, I promise.

    I hope Katy is able to come home today and you all find some restorative rest this weekend. Take good care of yourselves and each other. We will continue to lift you in prayer.

  3. Barbara Walker Says:

    Dear Katy and Family,

    Sadly, I know exactly what you are experiencing as we went through this with Jeff’s cancer. It seems that you are totally abondoned and on your own in the medical world and in other parts of your life as well. But you know and I know that its how you are when you reach the other side of an extreme challenge like this that is important and that that is where God’s grace and mercy come in. Even knowning this, our spirits can flag in the midst of extreme pain and fatigue.

    You all have handled this in the most godly way possible. I admire your spirits and efforts. We are praying many times a day for all of you and I know others are too. I know you’re feeling the peace of those prayers. In the times I don’t know what to pray, I ask the Holy Spirit to groan to our Lord on your behalf.

    I pray things will be better at home for you. We will be prayerful about that as well! Hang in there!

    Love to you in Christ,


  4. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    In prayerful support and love.
    A great big SHALOM as you bring Katy home and continue your searching and seeking.


  5. Jes Says:

    Katy -
    I’m working through my Bible study - in 2 Cor. 6:3-4, Paul is talking about ‘giving no cause for offense in anything, so that the ministry will not be discredited, but in everything commending ourselves as servents of God, in much endurance, in afflictions, in hardships, in distresses….’ I thought of you as I read the words - you have been through so much and yet you have much endurance through your afflictions, hardships and distress. Kay Arthor writes “To endure means to stay under pressure, to stay with it, to stick to it, to not quit but instead to persevere….Hardships become a platform, an arena to appropriate and display the sufficiency of His grace.” Katy - you have an amazing platform - where people are watching your responses and you are commending yourself as a servent of God! To forgive and to accept the way you have shows the Holy Spirit working supernaturally in and through you! You are bringing glory to God through your spirit and actions.

    We love you and continue to pray…

  6. Kendall Pelish Says:

    Hey Katy, check verse 10

    You Will Not Abandon My Soul
    A Miktam [1] of David.

    16:1 Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge.
    2 I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;
    I have no good apart from you.”

    3 As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones,
    in whom is all my delight. [2]

    4 The sorrows of those who run after [3] another god shall multiply;
    their drink offerings of blood I will not pour out
    or take their names on my lips.

    5 The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup;
    you hold my lot.
    6 The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

    7 I bless the Lord who gives me counsel;
    in the night also my heart instructs me. [4]
    8 I have set the Lord always before me;
    because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

    9 Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being [5] rejoices;
    my flesh also dwells secure.
    10 For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol,
    or let your holy one see corruption. [6]

    11 You make known to me the path of life;
    in your presence there is fullness of joy;
    at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

  7. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    I got this post late today, as I had a guest, a church friend for breakfast. She has prayed for Katy so I brought her in to check for news, and read it to her. I was all broken up with tears as I finished. I read Sandy’s comment and said again, “Where, oh, where is that Doctor?” Yes, in my medical career I have found those who will go the extra mile - they are the ones who win Nobel Prizes. I am reminded of the song, “Not to the strong is the battle, nor to the swift is the race, but to the true and the faithful, VICTORY IS PROMISED THROUGH GRACE! We’ve never seen any better examples of “true and faithful”, than in all of you, and we know your Victor’s Crown is growing spectacular! Those are the ones we get to throw at Jesus’ feet! What joy that will be! May Katy’s home day be greatly blessed and may the Lord help her eat some blueberry pancakes!

    Love, Aunt Lil

  8. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    It makes me angry to hear about those doctors who speak before they think. If only they understood the power of their words. I praise God for the forgiving heart He has given Katy–He is working through her even in this difficult time and I am so thankful for it. His love is a refining fire and I pray that your whole family will have the needed strength and grace to get through this valley. I hope Katy will get to come home soon!
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  9. andrea Says:

    I dont know if it is of any help whatsoever, but I put it out on my blog too, that we all are looking for help for Katy. Of course I am not well worded, but I put it out there anyways!

    My prayers are with all of you!!!!

    Love Andrea

  10. Oma Collmus Says:

    Dear Precious Katy,
    I just talked to your Granddaddy and he told me that you are home. Now we will pray that the doctor will get home soon from Russia and that he will be able to help you. In the meantime I pray that your pain will lessen and that you can rest and get a good night’s sleep.
    After I talked to him I went downtown. Each year they celebrate “In the Streets” and Market Street is open for only pedestrians. There are many food stands and all the shops are open. First I had some lamb curry and rice at the Indian restaurant, then walked around a bit and came back home with a smoked turkey leg which will probably last me for several meals!
    It is 90 degrees at the moment–not much like fall weather. I’ve been enjoying watching some of my favorite birds eating the seeds on my dead flower heads–chickadees and goldfinches. The titmouse and nuthatch have also been at my feeders.
    Lots of us are praying for you constantly.
    Oceans and oceans of love,

  11. Jen L. Says:

    I’m working again tonight and was going to come visit you on my dinner break. Well, I guess I’ll have to bring my munchkins to your house to visit Qavah! I’m praying the doctors will take care of our Katy-bug!


  12. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Just wanted you to know that we’re still praying for you here. I hope that you’re doing better, and maybe even able to eat something, even if it’s only a little ensure, or jello or something else on the “mush diet.”

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