Sunday, October 28, 2007

The “To Do” List

Katy finished another paper and a test for her Mass Media Law and Ethics class over the weekend. When the days were passing by at the hospital she complained about how far behind she was getting in her school work. So at the top of her “to do” list is finishing her course work. Today I had hoped she would be able to get up and go to church with us, but her back pain and nausea started up again during the night. She thinks her labs this coming Wednesday will probably show elevated levels of amylase and lipase again, but she has been careful about her food choices. If it happens that she is not able to eat yet, I am confident her doctor will have some recommendations for her. Her spirit remains hopeful and she is about to watch a movie with us. Paul went to the store to buy her some more corn chips to lick tonight. If you can picture Katy here at home, wrapped in a green blanket, watching a mystery movie, and happily licking chips, then I’m sure you have something to smile about.

We hope your Sabbath Day rest was everything you needed it to be for starting your week with strength.

  1. Lael Moreland Says:

    Praise God! I am trying to keep up with reading your updates every few days…and am always seeing something to praise God for. Even when it seems you all are having a really rough time, there is always SOMETHING to praise God for. What a joy.

  2. Candice and Crystal Says:

    Hi Katy,

    Thanks for your comment on our blog. We apologize for being on the quiet end lately, it’s been kind of busy around here. You have been in our thoughts and prayers, and I’m so glad that you are back home and on your computer again. Hopefully, will be able to catch up sometime this week. How exciting, that you finished another paper. Good for you. I know that is a goal for you to finish school.

    Love and prayers,
    Candice and Crystal

  3. Jennifer Wellington Says:

    Yes, what a joy to read these updates. My heart is always encouraged, whether it be from your improvement, or the lovely picture of Jesus your family paints.

  4. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    I am constantly amazed at Katy’s unquenchable spirit and spunk! To be even attempting to get caught up on her college coursework while feeling so poorly is incredible. A mere cold or sniffles seems to knock me out for days from doing anything meaningful! You’re my hero, Katy! Thanks for keeping the rest of us honest! …OK, I’m off to begin lessons with the kids. And that headache I woke up with? I’ll just have to deal with it! :-)


  5. Cousin Shannon Says:

    Licking chips sounds like a great way to cut down my calorie intake, and lose those last ten pounds!! Thanks for the diet tip!! :) Cousin, in the School of Life, you earn an A+ for making lemonaid out of lemons.

    I’m so glad you are HOME!