Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday night

I feel like a spectator watching a very interesting sports event. At any given moment things change and it sends a little awe through the crowd. A sudden change in direction is something I am poised and ready to cheer about. I’ve done some cheering today. Very early this morning, Katy and I went to see her GI doctor. While her pain levels and nausea are keeping her from eating and functioning well, all her lab work was better than it has been in a very long time. Even her amylase and lipase levels were in the high/normal range (126 and 192). So Katy was feeling exasperated over the fact that her body is telling her one thing, but her labs say another. It comes down to cells and inflammation and both are hard to examine. Her pancreas is still behaving like she has pancreatitis but she does not. So I asked the doctor what he thought about the fact that she has had so few calories over the last month but her labs are great. Actually I asked, “Is this a God thing?” He laughed and said, “Yes, I believe it is.” A good measure of that is her albumin level (4.0). It shows that her body and muscles are not breaking down. Although she has had an average of 200 calories a day for about a month now, and very little protein, her weight has stayed steady. So what we are looking at is God’s sustaining grace. As long as she can sip something a few times an hour it is enough to stay hydrated. So Katy has been sipping. Small sips are staying down. She was asked to stay on liquids for two more days then try baby food again. Katy is willing to do that in order to stay out of the hospital.

Qavah went to the hospital lab this afternoon for her cross-matching. The Red Cross will send a bag of transfusion blood to RMH for Qavah on Friday morning. I’ve asked people to pray for Qavah’s emotional maturity and today the result was astounding. She held out her little arm and did not even flinch when her blood was drawn. She had determined in her mind to be brave like “sister Katy” and she was! In the past she struggled so hard she had to be strapped to a board. That was traumatic for both of us! But today was different. She earned her Dora stickers and lunch at Burger King. The doctor’s office called this afternoon and told me her hemaglobin had dipped to 6.7. The nurse asked me if she was still getting up out of bed and playing. Not only was she out of bed, she was out on the driveway riding her bike. As I say, I am watching all this with interest. The girls have strength for every day although they both have these challenges. I think when I see that, it helps me to recognize that as God pours His strength into the girls, He is not limited by too few calories or red blood cells. It is a gift that builds my faith as I witness His provision daily.

  1. Patricia Hagsten Says:


    Enjoy your visiting Trick or Treaters’ costumes tonight and laugh and have fun!!

  2. Aleah Yunger Says:

    God is so good to us and gives us encouraging news when we need it! I’m glad to hear about all the good things going on right now. It really is true that God’s blessings abound most clearly in our struggles. It seems I tell someone about Katy and the Campbell family every day :) Someone always needs to hear the encouragement of knowing that it is possible to persevere and trust God even when we don’t necessarily know what’s going on! Praying for Katy and Qavah and all of you tonight. In Christ, Aleah

  3. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    What a clear and wonderful witness to the fact that our God IS and that He is doing miracles today! Those calorie and hemoglobin facts and the labs and how the girls are doing physically can only be His blessed work. We Praise you, Father! Please tell little Qavah that her Aunt Lil is very proud of her that she decided to be brave like Sister Katy! It will be SO much less traumatic for her, as she sees that it can be done without fighting and screaming, and over so much sooner! Katy, your Aunt Lil is so proud of you, too! Oh, my goodness, but I am. God bless you’re cotton-pickin’ little heart, as they used to say in No’th Carolina! Did you know I went to High School there? Used to talk just like a Tar-heel!

    But I hope Katy, you will soon begin to lose the water weight from the prednisone. And I’m all stretched out waiting for you to be able to EAT A BLUEBERRY PANCAKE AGAIN! Love you all, Aunt Lil

  4. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    Once again we join you in praising God for His sustaining work in Katy and Qavah’s lives. It is a wondrous thing to see! Thank you for sharing. We continue in prayer for ya’ll and for the doctors.
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  5. Sandy Says:

    Keep sipping away, Katy! Dehydration alone can make a person feel pretty nauseated. I hope the next couple of days bring a turn around in how Katy feels. I’m glad the labs look OK — that truly is a wonder and a miracle!

    So glad that Qavah is finding huge amounts of courage to carry her through difficult medical procedures. Nobody should have to be poked so much when they are so small!

    I send lots of hugs and prayers to all of you.

  6. Preacher Says:

    Wow, what a truly Amazing God we serve.

    May we always give Him the honor and praise he deserves.

  7. Lael Moreland Says:

    Tell Qavah that we are so proud of her!! What an improvement! I can’t wait to meet her someday soon.

    And proud of Katy too! We LOVE you!! I’m so thankful that God is giving you the strength that you need.
    Love and hugs

  8. Laura Griffith Says:

    This update has brought me to tears. The grace the Lord has poured upon your family is amazing. I’m so proud of Qavah. I know that took a lot of courage for a four year old. I want her and Lorien to play together. I’ll give you a call when you are having some good days. We are praying for you all.

  9. stuart blankenship Says:

    Really glad to hear things are improving!! Happy Birthday to Paul. I’ll be there soon. God bless you all.

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