Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day of Research

After Sandy responded to yesterday’s post I contacted her by email and that led to a day of investigating drugs with long names and trying to read the medical information without saying, “What in the world does this mean?” I sent Sandy’s email to one of Katy’s doctors who took the time to find out more about the drugs Sandy uses. He sent us some information. We need prayer for wisdom and understanding. There are more things that can be tried for Katy. Our hope is that we will have enough information under our belts to discuss the possibilities with her doctors. They don’t see her suffer day after day so to a large extent we believe it is our responsibility to keep pushing for help. We have had too many people with HPS tell us that things will get better to want to throw up our hands after a year and a half and say, “This may be as good as it gets.” Katy had a very bad day. She’s barely eating because of the pain. We wait on the Lord because it is not up to us as to when this will be resolved.

In the middle of the day we had a conference call from the state of Louisiana to discuss the long term plans for Qavah. She sat in Paul’s lap and grinned while we told of her progress. We are especially excited about the mature way she has faced potty training. We’ve had two successfully “dry” days. She sat with me on Katy’s bed today for a little while and we talked about pretty colors and clothes when someone pulled into the driveway. It was a friend from church with dinner! Qavah sparkles tonight because these friends bought a couple of princess outfits for her to play dress-up. She is pink and glittery from head to toe and dancing from room to room. Right smack in the middle of hardship, God has dropped this delightful little princess in our midst and we smile just thinking about the grace that we have been given.

  1. David Blugerman Says:

    Katy, Paul, Dawn and Qavah,

    I’m amazed by your willingness to give glory to God in all the seasons! Whether it be the hard or the easier, you don’t fail to see the hand of God in your life. This is the hallmark of faithfulness! What an example! What an encouragement you are to me and to many others!

    - David

  2. Jes Says:

    I agree with David! You guys are such an encouragement! I know that things are hard with Katy and I’m impressed by the way that you continue to research, to struggle with long medication names, to press forward…I know that it is the Lord sustaining you and carrying you….Thank you for your faithfulness. In your weakness, the Lord’s strenght is evident.


  3. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    We prayed for you and your family in our family worship tonight. Our hearts go out to ya’ll and yet we know that God has His reasons for even this. I praise Him for the little bundle of joy He sent to light your lives up! She sounds so precious. :) We’ll continue to pray for answers, wisdom, relief, and strength. :)
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :)

  4. Sandy Says:

    I’m glad the information helped spark some research and hopefully some new possibilities can be explored. I pray for better days ahead for all of you!

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