Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday night

I will write a brief post because we have something really special going on tonight so I need to finish quickly. First, Katy had a good day and was able to get some studying done between naps. She was able to have a little rice with broth tonight for a total of 150 calories today. It doesn’t seem like much but it is a much better than just a few sips of water!

Qavah was a very courageous little girl today. After four attempts to access her port without success, I took her to the hospital cafeteria for a break. Her port is just not functioning properly anymore. It may be time to make a decision about it. When we got back to her room it took another three tries to finally get a vein in her arm that would support a three-hour blood transfusion. By the time her transfusion started it was three o’clock. We had to be moved to the pediatric floor of the hospital until it finished. Qavah left the pediatric floor with new sunglasses, a whistle, a rainbow colored slinky, coloring book and crayons, a hand painted pumpkin, and a bouquet of bright balloons. When we left the hospital through the main lobby she waved hello to everyone and looked like a Hollywood movie star. She had everyone in the elevator laughing when she stepped into the elevator and said to her bobbing balloons, “Hey balloons get in here and don’t bump your heads!”

Our big treat tonight is something we have been waiting for! The new book by Jan Karon just came out and a friend of mine loaned me her new copy to read. Katy and I are putting some of our favorite fluffy blankets in the dryer to heat up, the tea is brewing, and Paul is getting ready to read to us in the library. We hope his voice holds out because we want him to read to us long into the night.

  1. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    OK, Katy, sorry but now I have TWO heros! Your little sister is amazing! Qavah is a delight! But, you already knew that… Dawn, I pray that your evening is relaxing and that your morning is fresh and full of new surprises from our heavenly Father! I’m praying that Katy will be asking for those jelly donuts and Quizno’s subs real soon!!! :-)

    Love you all,

  2. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Hey, heat a fluffy blanket for me, too, and put out an extra cup o’ tea… I wanna’ come, too! Aunt Lil Oh, how good God is!

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