Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Night

We did not take Katy for her CT scan this morning. At five in the morning, she was not able to bend or to drink anything. She begged us not to press her to do it today. I called the hospital to postpone the test and hopefully by next week she will be able to get around, sit and lie down, and drink the two tall glasses of contrast that have to be consumed in order to run the test. We brought the big soaking tub into the house and started the hot soaks again. By this afternoon, Katy was able to move around and get dressed. Her pain medication is doing a better job keeping up today.

This whole issue of bruising and bleeding led us on another path the last couple of days and it has caused us to re-evaluate everything. Sandy has been writing to me via email and gave me a link to a website that covers foods and medicines to avoid when one has a platelet dysfunction. Knowledge of these things can help us avoid problems. For example, pineapple is listed as one of the foods to avoid when a person is prone to bruising and bleeding. That happens to be one of Katy’s favorite ice cream toppings. She hasn’t had it in a long time, but now she knows to choose something else.

We drove Katy to the bank and to the library this afternoon. Paul and I thought it would be good for her to get out and see the sunshine on the mountains that are changing colors daily. After those two stops she said she felt well enough to shop for a reusable drink bottle for her bedside stand. It was so good to have both girls out this evening, doing something as normal as shopping. It has been a hard week for Katy physically and emotionally but this evening those frustrations melted away for awhile and now we are going to settle down to a mystery movie and hide under our fluffy blankets. The temperatures here in Virginia are dipping down into the electric blanket zone. The number three setting is just right for a night like this and I’m headed to set my dial on three right now.

  1. Aleah Yunger Says:

    Lately, the posts have left me resting my head on my desk with my brow all crunched up. Weren’t things going so well? What happened??

    I was working tonight at the bookstore in Colonial Williamsburg with two other college students. One is majoring in religion and the other was taking a class in the religion department. They were talking about their classes when one (the religion major) mentioned how crazy he thought it was that the Jews still believed in God after the horrors of the Holocaust. The other girl agreed saying, “I don’t know how anyone can believe God is in control with everything that goes on in this world.” Though I voiced my disagreement, I had to nod my head and agree that yes, if God had not promised us of His goodness and ultimate mercy, if that was not the base for our living and breathing in this world… there simply is no explanation. But He is good! And your witness to that is that He carries you in trial as in joy.

    I pray for posts soon that unfurl my brow and make me do a little dance all around my room :) til then, I’ll be praying for your pain, Katy, and for your strength (mental and physical), all the Campbells. Peace to you this lovely (almost winter) night! Love, Aleah

  2. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Dear Ones, WHAT a relief to know that Katy was so much better and able to be out for a little while this evening! Especially after the way the day began! What a relief! I know so many of us have been agonizing with her agony. We thank God for the reprieves, how we thank Him! along with you. And we still trust and believe and know that He is working out His good and Divine providences, for our good and His glory. Have a wonderful evening under your fluffy blankets. It sound like such fun and you surely deserve it!

    Much Love, Aunt Lil

  3. Oma Collmus Says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for giving this special family a few happy hours together this afternoon and hopefully, on into the evening. I pray all the time for more hours like these.
    Much love,