Friday, November 30, 2007

Remicade to the rescue

We are happy for Katy tonight because she is up and moving around without any difficulty. Within hours of her treatment, the inflammation of her vascular system is already settling down and she looks so relaxed and happy tonight. The mercies of God saw her through the night because we were awake and praying until it was time to get up this morning. Pain relief was not to be found in her medications last night. Therefore, prayers were said for so many of you; prayers for healing and blessing for as many of you as we could call to mind. We know that the Lord is alert and hears us throughout the night. But tonight we are planning an early bedtime and hopefully a good night of sleep.

  1. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    Peace and calm for each of you … really Shalom!
    I had read your last blog and knew Katy would be getting the Remicade today … thanks be to God for a doctor who is willing to “bend the rules!.”

  2. Sandy Says:

    Oh Happy Remicade Day! I am glad Katy was able to get the treatment early and that things went so well again. Praise God for doctors and researchers who develop these life changing treatments.

    God’s peace to all of you. Prayers continue daily from here. Sending lots of hugs too.


  3. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    How the Father must LOVE and CHERISH the prayers you pray through the pain and sleepless night! Those prayers are sure to be heard, and as I John 5:? says “We know that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if He hears us, whatever we ask, we KNOW that we have what we have asked of Him”. Especially true for prayers for the salvation of someone.

    Our daughter Stef, with Kevin and granddaughter Savanna arrived safely at dinnertime tonight, from across the snowy mountains. We’re supposed to get snow tonight! Most of the rest of Tony’s family will be coming in for our combined Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering. I have a turkey ready to stuff and a ham to bake, too, everybody is bringing things and it will be a wonderful day.

    I hope and believe that all of you are sleeping a deep, peaceful sleep tonight as I write at 10:20 PM Seattle time.

    May tomorrow be a “Hallelujah” Day all day for you folks, too.

    Love, Aunt Lil

  4. Kristin Dunker Says:

    What great news to begin the weekend with! Hoping for all of you a wonderful beginning-of-December “need a little Christmas” weekend! With love, ~Kristin

  5. lburk Says: made it…yeah Katy…….we put our tree up sounds like your home is decorated and you can enjoy this special healthy time…….
    Julianna’s nursery is painted pink and beginning to take shape…….Jack is busy watching and cheering during the Army vs. Navy game. Homemade vegetable soup is on the stove for halftime. December is here so my students willl begin to count down the days to the 25th..hugs to all, Linda

  6. Jennifer Wellington Says:

    Wow! What a journey. Praise God that He is sharing to so many through your family! Thanks you our wonderful Heavenly Father!

  7. kim rose Says:

    just checking in to say we are still praying… Looking forward to a time when we can all get together… when you are feeling up to it….

    You have been such a blessing and such an inspiration to us… We will continue to pray…

    side note… looks like the quads are coming soon so rest up and we will have to have a huge celebration for Qavah and Katy and the Quads…. wont it be wonderful.. I think we should have a block party and invite all the neighbors…. wouldnt it be wonderful…

    Katy, you hang in there girl and know you are in our thoughts and prayers…

    God Bless

  8. Jes Says:

    Happy Remicade Day to you! We are so thankful that you are up and feeling better Katy! I’m glad that your doctor was able to get the treatment early and that it worked so well!

    I saw baby James Knox today - he is very sweet looking! He’s just over a week old. I put him next to Isaiah and we took a picture - it’s so fun to think of the two little guys becoming friends in the coming years! :) It was also amazing to see how they change from a little wrinkled newborn to a big baby in just months! Time passes so quickly!

    Noah and Lydia decided that they like colored lights on trees the best - so we got new lights to decorate with this year! I am so excited to see their faces when put them on and light up the tree! The past 3 evenings they have wanted to drive around and see Christmas lights - we even have a protocal for “good ones”…there is clapping and ohhhs and ahhhs! :) Seeing the excitement through the eyes of a child is such a wonderful gift! I’m sure you all will have lots of that this year! What a blessing!

    We love ya’ll and continue to pray for the entire family!

  9. Alicia Richardson Says:

    Always praying for you Love you always!