Friday, November 09, 2007

The up and the down

We have been thanking God often for the two days we had of “normal” this week. It’s exhilarating, like watching a video of someone you know winning a grand prize on a game show (which we actually have done!). We see how happy it makes Katy and we see her eyes sparkle, hoping days like that may someday occur regularly.

Yesterday, I took Katy with me on a little shopping trip and while we were in the store a gripping pain shot through her back in the general area of the pancreatitis pain and she lost her breath again. She doubled over in pain and I found a store wheelchair to get her out to the car. When I got her home she was nauseated and we put her on the couch, and after giving her some pain medication we managed to get her up to bed. She hasn’t recovered yet. I have given her powerful pain medication nearly every two hours since we got home yesterday. She isn’t able to eat anything but is sipping a new kind of powdered protein drink mix. It tastes great and is tart enough not to add to her nausea. She is keeping it down. We will be talking to Katy’s doctors on Monday about this. We all want to wait to see what happens if she stays in bed, doesn’t eat, and takes it easy over the weekend.

Today I had Qavah with me while Paul stayed home with Katy. I took her to the cardiologist here in Roanoke, along with the records released by Oschner Medical Center in Louisiana. They repaired a leaking artery when she was a few days old, and they reported finding two holes in her heart. Today Qavah had an ultrasound of her heart and the cardiologist confirmed that the holes are completely healed. There is no evidence of them where they had once been. She has also gained another pound. Her spirit is joyful. We are home now after a long day. A few minutes ago she was waving a pencil around a bit carelessly and I heard Paul say, “Maybe you should put the pencil down, you are dangerous!” To which she replied, “I’m not Dangerous, I’m Qavah.” Little children seem to have a way of making us laugh more frequently. We’re going to watch movies tonight with the girls and hope to turn in early. Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Katy, dear, it seems to me that God is demonstrating His power in you much as he did in Brother Yun, when He sustained him without food or water for 75 days. I am so thankful for your humble, trusting spirit, as you wait for His salvation. I know the Lord Jesus is always hovering watchfully over you and sustaining you through each new pain and trial. But I am also sure that your “day of salvation” will come, when you will be able to live a more normal life, and Christ will be greatly honored by all you have suffered, while others will come to faith in this Lord who truly is “Mighty to Save”.

    I am also glad that you are able to drink the tart protein drink and keep it down. I think I will have to dig up some more of my Africa stories to help you through the days. Would you like that? Maybe some others can come up with some stories and jokes, too. Much love, Aunt Lil

  2. Doris Harriff Says:

    Katy’s valley has been a long one, with more ups and downs! I just found an old hymn in an ancient hymnbook I have that I think just fits. I vaguely remember my father singing snatches of it occasionally. It’s called “Vale of Beulah.” Here is the first verse:

    I am passing down the valley that they say is so lone,
    But I find that all the pathway is with flow’rs overgrown;
    ‘Tis to me the vale of Beulah, ’tis a beautiful way,
    For the Savior walks beside me, my companion all day.

    Vale of Beulah! Vale of Beulah! Thou are precious to me;
    For the lovely land of Canaan in the distance I see.

    Aunt Doris

  3. Doris Harriff Says:

    I meant to say that it seems that Katy has more downs than ups!

    Aunt Doris

  4. Sandy Says:

    We’ll pray you through another difficult spell Katy! Hang in there.

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