Sunday, November 25, 2007

We need a little Christmas

I was in a high school musical in eleventh grade and I remembered a line from one of the songs as I decorated during the last few days. “We need a little Christmas, right this very minute, candles in the windows, carols at the spinet.” I hummed it and thought, “This is just what we all need:” the lights, the greens, the festive mood, the Christmas music playing, and to focus on the hope that is within us because of the very first Christmas. It is always a big mess to pull out the Christmas boxes, then suddenly all the old familiar decorations are in place, everything falls together, and I walk around the house with a heart full of wonderful memories. Paul Burton’s second-grade macaroni ornament is back on the tree again this year like an old friend. The stockings are hung. They’ve seen many years of toy trucks, and baby doll accessories. Now they get filled with grown up things like soaps and perfumes. And in the midst of every newly opened ornament box there was Qavah to exclaim, “Mama, it’s so pretty!”

Although this has been a very difficult time for Katy and her care has been labor intensive, we are enjoying life as we never have before. Everything is more precious, especially the way their eyes sparkle when Katy and Qavah are looking at the colorful lights on the tree. These are very good days. I’m tucking them away in my memory the way I’ve tucked away the macaroni ornament every year. In years to come they will be my old friends. I only hope my memory holds up as well as macaroni noodles sprayed with gold paint. God bless you as you prepare your homes and hearts for Christmas.

  1. Patricia Says:

    We, too, have macaroni angels from P’burg … although we won’t be decorating this year. Just got off the plane from Baltimore where we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Ellen and we will be gone all but a very few days until Jan. 3rd.

    Anyway, I finally slowed down long enough the day after Thanksgiving and contacted the Greg Buchanan (harpist) company about Katy’s CD’s …. somehow the order has been lost somewhere. Tonight they got back to us and said they are definately shipping them tomorrow. PTL.

    It’s 48 degrees in the house (somehow or other the system was shut down while we were gone), so I’ve made hot cocoa and we hurriedly pulled out the electric mattress pad …. maybe I’ll send Ib downstairs to pre-warm our blankets (something learned from you! ) …. but we’re tucking in to get warm!

    Ib and Patricia

  2. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Thank God! I’ve been wondering at the long silence on the blog and HOPING that you were just getting busy getting the Christmas decorations up! But I was also concerned lest Katy was doing very poorly and her care was so labor intensive you didn’t have time to do Christmas! I remember the first Thanksgiving that Tony and I were with you, as well as Jackie and Judy’s families, and Paul and Lucile (my brother and Katy’s Grandpa and Grandma) You already had the Christmas decorations up and the house I was beautiful! Katy was still new in the home, and the day after we got there there was a 4 inch snowfall, and we saw Katy playing in the snow for the first time, the young boys with their sleds sliding down a little hump in the back yard of your former house. I still have pictures of that! Be sure you take some good pictures of these new memories you are making and light up the blog with them. You’ll be putting little dolls in one small stocking again this year! I’ve gotten most of my decorations up this weekend, too. I decorated my Christmas tree between 4:30 and 6:30 Sunday AM, as I couldn’t sleep! I put the carols on softly and remembered the words of “Celebrating Jesus with my Christmas Tree” as I put the garlands and stars and balls around.

    Have a wonderful day! Add a few red and green sprinkles to Katy’s protein drink! Love, Aunt Lil

  3. Aleah Yunger Says:

    Glad to hear the Christmas spirit isn’t far from your hearts! I was just in the middle of doing my “homework” in Beth Moore’s Daniel study when you popped into my mind :) I’m in Chapter 10 right now, and Day 3 has been particularly moving to me. I’m not sure if you’re there yet, but if you are, I’m sure this spoke to you like it did to me:

    “Meditate on the lives of those who drew near to God and heard His voice. Nothing was easy about encountering His glory… [The children of Israel] let fear keep them in the distance. Beloved, a Daniel life — out there and exposed to God’s glory — quickens every nerve ending. It’s not the pain-free life. It’s not the safe-at-a-distance life. But, Beloved, it is life most alive. Life most abundant.”

    If that is not, in a beautiful nutshell, everything that your life, Katy, and this blog, Dawn, have taught me (and everyone else that reads this), then I don’t know what is. It honestly brought me to tears in its application to you all, and if you hold on to nothing else day to day, hold on to this. Life most abundant. What a sweet promise! My prayers are with you. Love, Aleah

  4. Jes Says:

    We need a little Christmas as well! We were out driving at dusk yesterday and the twinkling Christmas lights started to appear….Noah and Lydia got sooo excited and would point to each one…saying “Look, Look Mommy!” It was such fun! When we got home, Noah wanted to know why we didn’t have any lights up yet…we had only been home from our TN Thanksgiving trip for 4 hours!! :) I told him “soon” but I don’t think he liked that answer!

    I’m thankful that you are finding time to enjoy the holiday season in the midst of the pain and hard work! Dawn - your ability to find hope and ‘goodness’ in each day is an inspiration!

    Love you all!

  5. Mike Theesfield Says:

    I remember learning that “we need a little Christmas” song when I was about eight years old. I’ve forgotten most of it, but I remember the tune.

    I hope Katy is doing okay today.

    Cousin Mike

  6. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    What an odd mistake in my letter above! “The house (I) was beautiful”! I meant to say the house was so beautiful…
    Aleah’s quotation is very moving. I’ve always noticed that life is lived more vividly, and that God uses more effectively what we do for Him when we are in a time of pain or conflict. Love and faithfullness demonstrated while under great affliction are very powerful. Thinking of you often with prayer and love through the days. Aunt Lil