Monday, November 19, 2007

You Make our Day!

I can’t tell you how many times we checked your comments yesterday and today. We even debated whether or not to update the blog because we enjoyed your contributions so much and didn’t want to change the topic. Sometimes your comments about the things you do and the places you go help take us away from here for a little while, just as Aunt Lil said. Please keep sharing your stories with us. You made a lot of your childhood memories come to life for us, and we certainly enjoyed thinking about you all when you were little. Sometime we would like to hear Kendall reading Huck Finn! I am so happy for those of you who wrote about having a child to read to. It is one of life’s joys and if you need a child to read to remember those young moms in your neighborhood or church that could use an hour to get something done while you enjoy reading to their little ones!

“The Katy” is feeling hopeful right now. Today the hematologist took a good look at everything and concluded that Katy could use some help. It took twenty-five minutes for her finger to stop bleeding when she had her blood checked at his office today. He looked at the sores on her body that are not healing and decided to try a drug to improve her clotting time. His diagnosis was vasculitis. We looked it up on the internet and so many of her symptoms were consistent with that diagnosis. All of her problems of rapid heart rate, body aching, fever, chills, inflammatory problems, unbearable pain, and generally feeling sick were listed under vasculitis. This afternoon she will begin a new treatment (new for her) called Methotrexate. It is a drug to replace the Imuran that was so helpful but problematic for people prone to having pancreatitis. Her GI doctor and Hematologist agreed on the dosage today, and we will be starting that tonight. The medication takes awhile to work in the system, so Katy may not feel much relief for three weeks. We are praying that her body will not only tolerate the drug, but it will work very quickly. We are all very hopeful today, but cautious. We are really being super careful about disinfecting sheets and towels because of Katy’s open wounds and MRSA. MRSA is always around, but with a compromised immune system we know how diligent we all must be.

Winter is fast approaching and at four in the afternoon the sky is already darkening. We long for better days for Katy, and hope they will arrive before spring. We thank you for your many acts of kindness that continue to flow from your hearts. Friends dropped off fresh chicken for dinner tonight and again I will not have to cook. Thank you for putting the warmth and light into these shorter winter days.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Wow! What fun those 18 comments were! I was delighted to find that someone else remembers the Boxcar Children! And the first time I ever read Huck Finn - I was reading one night in the school library (A Christian High School) and I got SO TICKLED that I finally had to leave after the kind but stern librarian gave me ANOTHER cautioning look! I think our childhood books were a much greater treasure than the TV entertainment around now.

    AND KATY I AM SO GLAD THEY’VE GOT A DIAGNOSIS AND A TREATMENT! May it work!!! May it give you earlier relief than expected, by the hand of the Lord! I want you to have cranberry relish for Thanksgiving! Please, Lord! I’m already eating it. And a Christmas with relative ease and joy for all.

    Love so much, Aunt Lil

  2. Kristin Dunker Says:

    Hello! So, I’m a day behind with reading the blog, and missed the literary boat of yesterday’s fun rememberances.- BUT, reading your post from yesterday Dawn, and then enjoying all the reply posts was so delightful! Yes, I have lots of good book related memories. I guess that’s a given when both your parents are teachers! My dad is the BEST reader. He does all the voices…I especially like his “little girl” voice. :-) Some of my favorite read alouds as a young child were the Sweet Pickles books, Where the Wild Things Are, The Berenstein Bears, all the Dr. Seuss, and my all time (still) fav.: Go Dog, Go! (do you like my hat?). As I got older, I really enjoyed our family reading of the Chronicles of Narnia. That was revived last summer when we decided to read The Magician’s Nephew together on a family camping trip after seeing the new Narnia Movie (yes, my dad still does a great “little girl” voice!). We hope to be up to Prince Caspian by the time of it’s release in the spring.- I loved making things a part of my life from my favorite books.- Lael, I loved “Pickles the Firecat” too, and when I got a new kitten, guess what her name was? Yup, Pickles! My hands-down favorite series of all time is the Anne of Green Gables series (we just took a dream trip to Prince Edward Island in Sept., and it all came to life!), and when we cristened our new home, we named it “Windy Poplars”. My bathroom even has a painting of “The Lady of Shalot”. - As for reading together with my husband, we have recently discovered the joys of that tradition! We finished “Arena” in the spring (great sci-fi book), and are now in the midst of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. HOW did I manage to grow up without reading them? In fact, I think we’re going to do some reading as soon as I stop posting this incredibly long post. :-) Keep your chin up Katy-girl! Good times, they are a-comin’!

  3. Jennifer Wellington Says:

    I am so glad that Katy is feeling better. I will pray for continued wisdom for the doctors, as well as for Katy’s strength. I will pray that she will have Joy in the Lord, under all circumstances. Thanks for continuing to post. You all are never far from my mind. Take good care.

  4. Lael Moreland Says:

    Ha ha! Somehow it surprised me Kristin, to see my name in your comment up there! But I love the name of Pickles for a kitten too.
    Mrs. Campbell…since you say that you all enjoy hearing little things and stories about us…would you like to hear something of an update on our family?? ….
    I know that Katy asks about the family whenever I do get to chat with her or anything, so maybe I’ll entertain you for a second.
    On the book subject again- “Go dog, go!” has been a favorite for the little ones in our house just as Kristin mentioned above. The kids would eventually know all of the words that were coming up and would recite them as you read. “Do you like my hat? I do not! Good bye again…goodbye!” They would pronounce the g’s as d’s and say that they wanted to read “doe dod, doe!” The other favorite has been “The best nest”- a story about a momma bird finding the perfect nest for her baby!!!
    On a family update- I don’t know if you know any of this- but we have a house in Norfolk and we are currently trying to finish painting/flooring the whole place so they can move in. I’m not sure of the time frame, but I think it’ll be beginning of December. We are all going to be in Norfolk for thanksgiving hopefully this week. Dad and Ariel are staying in an apartment over there, and we will have dinner there and then proceed to work on the house for the rest of the weekend I think.
    I went to visit for the first time a little over a week ago, I really did enjoy going to Norfolk. I think it’s a pretty city. And the house is very cute too. I’m just praying (we all are) that the Lord would continue to put us where we need to be and guide us. It can be a big scary thing to move away like this, especially when we really do love Roanoke so much and everybody here.
    As for me- I’m getting exremely busy with the end of the semester nearing. It’s frightening to think of how much I have to do in so little time for school! I’ve signed up for spring classes and can say that I’m very close to graduating and being done in the spring at western! Yay! I’m enjoying my classes more than ever though. I’m not sure where the Lord will have me after I graduate though. This is scary as well. Sometimes all I can think of is that I don’t know why I’m here and I don’t know where it will lead and I’m so very confused as to why God has me here. But I know that I have to trust Him in this.
    I’ve probably taken up half the page by now.
    Well there you go Katy, have you enjoyed this update?
    I hope so! I pray that you all will have a wonderful week and a truly blessed thanksgiving!

  5. Oma Collmus Says:

    What great memories the comments on those good books brought back yesterday. This morning at breakfast–I had company (Capt. Bowen who lives in Annapolis and has been so good to Jackie’s family and a Hood classmate, both of whom had come to attend “Messiah” at Hood yesterday) and for some reason Capt. Bowen mentioned the fact that he had been born in Joel Chandler Harris’ cabin in Georgia. That rang a bell and I was reminded of his stories. My aunt who spent a few years teaching in the Kentuckey Mountains used to tell the story of “Brer Rabbit and de Tar-baby” to my sister and me many times–always in that vernacular. She was a wonderful storyteller and also sang a lot of songs to my sister and me at bedtime. (”Froggie Went A-Courting”, “Oh. No John, No”, “Sleep Kentucky Babe”, “Come to the Fair”, “Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, O” and so many more!)
    We also enjoyed reading the Mother West Wind stories and my daughter in Germany has just requested that I mail her all the ones she purchsed this past spring!
    How about “Anne of Green Gables”, etc.?
    I pray that Katy’s new medication takes effect faster than expected.
    Twice a day I check my email for your news!
    Love and xoxoxoxoxoxo,

  6. Mike Theesfield Says:

    Mom and I have also read the Anne of Green Gables series (and the same author’s Emily series), but only in adulthood, within the last several years.

    Hope you’re doing okay today, Katy!

    Cousin Mike

  7. Sandy Says:

    So glad that the hematology visit was helpful! And it’s great that the two doctors talked and agreed on the treatment and dosage. Having a team that works together is so important! So, I join you in being hopeful and continue to lift you all in prayer!

  8. Doris Harriff Says:

    You need to be careful about buying new editions of the old favorites, because some of them have been sanitized. My sister Mildred bought a copy of Heidi for her granddaughter, Kitiara, and found they had removed everything that might “distress” a youngster reading it. Examples: Peter’s grandmother wasn’t blind, and didn’t have to eat the hard black bread; Fraulein Rottenmeier wasn’t so stern, and Klara wasn’t crippled! What on earth was left of the story?

    As Mike mentioned, we have read the Anne of Green Gables series, and I recently bought the complete set, along with several other volumes by the same author. I think I will pass them on to my granddaughter. She has two little girls who will surely enjoy them in years to come, and I expect Annie will enjoy them herself.

    Glad to hear you have got a diagnosis for Katy, and new treatment. I looked up vasculitis on the internet briefly, and saw that (apparently) the most recommended drug was - prednisone! I’m sure you are dedicated to staying away from that! I just hope the new treatment gives relief, and soon. Now we understand, too, how Jesus “sweat, as it were, great drops of blood.”

    Aunt Doris

  9. Jes Says:

    Hey Guys!
    Just checking in! Go Dog Go!!! I forgot about that one! The kids love it! Right now we have a game - where you can put just about anything on your head and ask “do you like my hat?” Just this morning I was wearing Isaiah’s little pants on my head as I was getting people dressed! We enjoy silly around here!

    Katy, I’m glad that you will be able to start the Methotrexeate (sp??) - and I hope and pray that it will give you some normal days! I was thinking about getting my Christmas decorations out before we left for Knoxville for Thanksgiving…and I thought of the Jesse tree you gave us last year…what a sweet gift and a wonderful new tradition!

    We love ya’ll!

  10. Jes Says:

    btw - I forgot to mention - we will be out of town until Monday evening so we won’t be able to take Qavah home from Awanas on Sunday!

  11. Aunt Carrie Says:

    I loved LOVED reading to my children. We read a ton of books. (all the Little House on the Prairie books to Lord of the Rings to Winnie the Pooh, to Narnia, fairy tales, Dr. Suess etc.) I even recorded some simple books for the first grade classroom (complete with sound affects.) Dick Estelle (the radio reader) has my “dream” job! :~)

    When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, I was allowed into the “Chapter Book” section of the library (a big privilege). The librarian helped me find a book, “Caroline and the Kettle Named Maud” since my name is Caroline, I made sure to read that book every year until I changed schools in 4th grade.

    We listened to one of the Lillian Jackson Braun books on the way home from Chicago (Redwall on the way there) and had to wait in the driveway to hear the last few minutes. (After hours and hours of driving!)

    Now I read all kinds of things as I exercise on my Nordic Trak (it takes me a long time to get through a book though.) I love the classics too and currently I am reading The Three Musketeers.

    Aunt Carrie