Saturday, December 22, 2007

Anniversary Blessing

You may laugh when you read that for our anniversary we went home to mom and dad’s, but it is what we wanted to do. I called mom yesterday afternoon and told her that we really needed rest and she said, “When I read on the blog that you were planning a get-a-way I hoped you would just come here!” That is what we did. Even at our ages, we needed to go home to mommy and daddy and let them pamper us. They had our room ready, fixed a pot of tea, let us stay up late and have a quiet time together, and then fixed us a delicious breakfast of eggs, ham, hashbrowns, toast made from mom’s homemade bread, and coffee. We are very thankful for them, and they really refreshed us by allowing us to relax. Thank you Mom and Dad! As Katy has told me many times, “Nobody pampers like a Mom!” We left their house smiling and drove home.

We hoped Colin and Jenn had an uneventful night while staying here. This morning we heard the good news that Katy’s dose of methotrexate had begun to settle things down last night and she slept eleven hours without pain medication. She and Jenn were fixing lunch for the little ones when we talked. The doctor called Katy today to tell her the MRI revealed her spine has hairline fractures and disc compression in the lower part of her back. We have decided to cancel the second part of her MRI tomorrow and focus on that particular health issue after the holidays.

It was good to see her smiling today as she told me about the friends who visited last night. One of my friends put a little group together to come caroling which took Katy by complete surprise. Another friend brought her a gift of a devotional for next year and she exclaimed, “Mom it’s one with large print so I’ll be able to see it better!” I got all teary-eyed and said, “Katy, God has blessed us with some of the best friends in the world.” I want to say thank you right now to so many of you who have brought Christmas to our home because we have been unable to get out. We are rich in friendships and thank you for the ways you think to bless us. We couldn’t have put together a better prayer team or support system than the one we have. We know you are all a gift from a loving God. Our prayer is that when you give or when you pray for us, you will feel God’s pleasure and our gratitude! Thank you one and all!

  1. Adam Says:

    Grandmas are pretty good at pampering, too. :-D Glad y’all got the chance for an escape. I’ll be praying for Kathryn’s back.

  2. Oma Collmus Says:

    So happy that you were able to celebrate your anniversary in a restful way and the children at home were well cared for.
    My Jesse Tree is getting pretty full but I guess there will be room for three more ornaments! Jackie has made two sets of ornaments for me–the first were so tiny that she made another set and pasted them on colored cardboard. She not only made sets for all her Campbell relatives but also, all the Collmus family. Then when she stopped by here a week or so ago after she had picked up JP at the Academy she told me that when she was in Mexico she had made two more sets–one for Heather and the other for the family with whom Heather was staying. I just can’t imagine thinking to take all the necessary materials to Mexico to do that. She is surely one very special lady–so talented and beautiful in EVERY way. I am indeed blessed to have her in the family–another daughter!
    Have you seen JP in his Navy uniform? Well, when Jackie brought him here he still had it on because he has to wear it when he leaves the Academy. As soon as they arrived I said that we were going out to lunch to meet Aunt Betsy and I could show him off–my wonderfull Navy boy!!!! Now I’m looking forward to the arrival of all the John Collmus family in time for supper tomorrow. Danny is also arriving from Africa at 6 a.m.; Maggie Maples Tilden is planning to meet him at Dulles. However, she and her family are still trying to get here from Michigan; planes are being delayed because of the weather. The last I heard from her she might get here around 1 a.m. tomorrow morning. I sure hope they can sleep on the plane. Well, this isn’t excatly what you want in these comments, but it will be somewhat diverting! I hope that you all will have another good night’s sleep and I pray for many many more good nights of sleep and lots less pain for Katy.
    Much love,

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