Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas around the corner

Katy had a much better day and true to form, we don’t know why. We haven’t changed anything we are doing but she was able to eat a little baby food today and I cut back on her pain medication so she could think more clearly. We had a good afternoon and always have a short list so if we have to stop our activities it isn’t so much of a let-down. We weighed her this morning and she is still in a very healthy range considering she hasn’t eaten normally for over two months. I keep thanking God for the slowness of her metabolism at this time. Her GI doctor called today and they discussed more care options. She is going to take information from that conversation to the hematologist tomorrow. In this little corner of southwest Virginia, there are medical professionals willing to help improve Katy’s life, and today we could sense how hard some of them are working to figure things out. Because they have chosen to help her, I hope the Lord blesses their work greatly, and perhaps their knowledge will even help others with HPS in the future.

The Christmas packages we sent out along with sixty greeting cards are making their way across the United States right now. As I think about the many details we were able to accomplish when Katy and Qavah needed so much attention, I wonder how it all got done. Tonight I am focused on a little nativity set that was sent to us by a friend in Michigan to help us teach Qavah the Christmas story. We’ll be starting on that tomorrow night. We’ve improved her hand-washing skills by having her sing happy birthday while rubbing the soap into her hands until the end of the song when it is time to rinse. From anywhere in the house, several times a day she can be heard singing, “Happy birthday, dear Jesus, happy birthday to you!” Isn’t that a great Christmas song? I love having little people around.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Dawn, what an uplifting report! Praise the Lord! I’m so thankful you are better for a bit, Katy! I’m glad you got the little Nativity to teach Qavah about Christmas! Be sure to teach her also how to celebrate Jesus with the Christmas tree and its ornaments. Do you still have the poem I sent you last year? And read to you on our Florida Christmas together? It would be a great devotional for the family to look at the tree and its ornaments and think of how they symbolize Jesus for us, and of Bible verses that illustrate that. My Christmas tree has become a “Jesus Tree”. Last night I was filled with such a deep love for Him, worshiping Him in that way. I’m sure His love, His amazing, undeserved Agape for me,was inspiring it.

    May He bring you all such love and joy in these days before Christmas. Love, Aunt Lil

  2. lburk Says:

    HI..Thank you for the great Campbell Christmas card with famiily picture..congratulations to Collin and Jen ..baby #2..this will be a special year for all…..Friday is the last day of school here…we will be busy preparing for a gathering of 20 on Christmas Eve at our home..our children and spouses will spend the night along with Mr. Burk..gift opening in the am Christmas morning. blessings to all, Linda

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