Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Continues

During the night I checked on Katy and she was restless. I asked her if she needed pain medication and she said, “No I can make it until tomorrow and then I’ll have the next dose of Methotrexate.” Today’s dose put Katy right back on track and she was able to join us as we visited with some friends who have known her since she first arrived in America. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude as I looked over at her laughing and sharing in our day today. I read her last post and cried for all the times she was unable to join us and had to “imagine” the fun we were having. On those occasions I would promise her that after the guests left I would spend the night in her room and tell her every last detail. I described the conversations, food, decorations, and what people were wearing. She would lie there and for a time could leave her room and join us in her imagination. We had many such nights over the past year. I have thanked God many times for the way He made me to take in details and then communicate them to her. It is a gift to Katy.

Not only has Katy had near pain free days and nights for four days, we have had three full nights of sleep. The sweet rest is a welcome relief. I think before all this with Katy started, I had taken a good night of sleep for granted. I feel refreshed physically and mentally and have truly enjoyed everything we did this Christmas season. I had so much help from church friends that I don’t want to neglect thanking them. One baked us a beautiful display of cookies. One made a meal. A couple of others made soups for us to share with visiting family and friends. If not for those kindnesses I would have been overcome with fatigue by now.

Katy arranged for some friends visiting England last month to seek out and find me a true English tea cup for my collection. They wowed me with a cup from the early 1800s and I thought that was marvelous. But as they commented on the blog a few days ago, seeing Katy able to dress, be on her feet, and relaxed without pain medication, was my Christmas gift. I serve a living God Who decided to lavish His blessing on Katy this Christmas, and the joy spills over onto all of us who have prayed so long and so hard for days like this.


  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Wonderful! This hymn was, and is - singing in my heart as I finished devotions this morning. I think it fits your spirits, too.

    “Praise to the Lord
    All that has life and breath come now in worship before Him.
    Let the ‘AMEN’ sound from His people again.
    Gladly for aye we adore Him!”

    With gladness and love, Aunt Lil

  2. Tiffany Allen Says:


    I’m happy to hear that you have been feeling so well lately! I pray that this good feeling continues. It must have been wonderful to share in the holiday festivities with family and friends.

    Prayers always,