Friday, February 16, 2007

Daily Joy

When Paul prays for me in the morning he usually asks the Lord to give me a joyful surprise; something to encourage me. This week the Lord has sure blessed me with encouragement. Seeing those horses running free in our field was great. Going out for a Valentine lunch in the middle of the day made me feel like a princess and today Katy and I went shopping just like we used to. She got up and said, “I feel good enough to get up, dress, and shop today!” My heart took one of those little leaps like a happy child does when they get excited. We went out to find a baby shower gift and I’m beginning to notice when we look at baby things, Katy finds something she just has to have for Annelise. It’s sweet to see her hold things up to check out the size and try to figure out if Annelise will be big enough by summer to fit into a particular little outfit. The shopping was fun. During the day I watched Katy eat with more enthusiasm, and she had less trouble afterwards. I pray this upward trend continues. Even when things are so hard to deal with, there is something that happens to give my spirit a real lift and I know that the Lord is honoring Paul’s request. I’m so thankful that Katy had a good day. If she is feeling well tomorrow she is looking forward to another afternoon outing that she will want to tell you about.

Our devotions this morning focused on learning to be content. The emphasis was on the word learning because as Spurgeon pointed out, is is something that has to be learned. We are not born to be content and pleased with our lives. How we learn to be content is up to the Teacher. He brings us through many dangers, toils, and snares, but His grace is leading us to a place of contentment and His grace will lead us home.

  1. Kristin Dunker Says:

    Hi Dawn!
    I loved reading your last post, “The Next Day”. What a delight! I can absolutely relate. :-) I get so discouraged hearing everyone say, “Well, 25 years and 3 kids later, we just aren’t romantic anymore”. How sad! How much they miss! My mission in marriage is to prove to people that it is possible to keep the sweet romance alive…that it’s a gift that I believe God wants to give us, and how wonderful to hear there are other souls out there still enjoying the bliss! Thank you for encouraging my heart, and for spreading the message. Who knows, maybe you inspired some to desire the winds of change in their marriage? With love,

  2. Martha Harrison Says:

    Being an “Incurable Romantic” is a good thing! This is a chronic condition that I have enjoyed living with for almost 56 years. I understand there is no cure, nor am I looking for one. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite days because I love surprising Howard and look forward to his surprise for me. Just exchanging cards expressing our love for one another means alot to me. This year Howard gave me a box of delicious Whitman’s chocolates which we both enjoyed! I’m glad you could slip away for lunch with Paul. Those special “dates” mean everything! Keep them up!!
    Blessings, Martha