Friday, December 14, 2007

Date Night

Paul and I are headed out to Barnes and Noble for a date. Of course, this time of year, we will be joining about a hundred other people there also. Katy is home tonight with her friends and they are all pitching in to get Christmas cards ready for mailing. Katy had a difficult night and morning, but about mid-day the pain in her back subsided and she has been having a good time organizing her room ever since. She has so much less pain when she doesn’t eat.

We are supposed to have an ice storm here tomorrow. The excitement is building and the grocery stores were crowded. Having been born and raised in Michigan where there is plenty of ice and snow, I wonder why it causes such a stir. But for those who have prepared so well by stocking their cupboards and refrigerator, I hope they aren’t disappointed!

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    I’m so happy you’re having a Barnes and Noble date tonight! Any kind of a date! I just had a great talk with Aunt Lois on the phone. She’s doing so well! I wanted to talk to Aunt Laurie as it her birthday, but couldn’t find my family phone book so called Lois for it…but noone is home now at Laurie’s. Although, its very possible the midwest storm took their phone lines out. At least they have a wood furnace so they won’t be cold there in Arkansas. Katy, so very glad the back pain went away today and that you’re having Christmas Card fun with friends! May it be a very very Merry Eve! I haven’t gotten to that yet… May God bless you one and all! Love, Aunt Lil

  2. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    When David and I lived in Charlotte, we were constantly amazed at the stir caused by ANY kind of bad-weather warning. Even when Charlotte has its occasional, rare snow or ice, it never stays around long (a day at the most). But this never stopped folks from thronging to the grocery stores and raiding them of every loaf of bread and gallon of milk! I can remember standing in the Express line with a couple of things I needed, and watching in awe the long lines with grocery carts packed to the brim and the panic-stricken consumers looking worried and yet triumphant that they had prepared for the worst! I always wondered if they felt foolish the next day when the weather forcast never quite lived up to expectations.

    We are hoping the ice called for this evening also does not pan out. Emma has a small part in the Nutcracker and the performances are this weekend (Sat. night, and Sun. afternoon)! I would hate for all the hard work the dancers have put in over MONTHS to be for naught! She did get to perform yesterday, however, for the school system. The Civic Center auditorium was packed with over 2000 kids! Matt & I volunteered as ushers and got to watch the show from the tippy top where there were a few open seats. Matt liked watching the guy with the spot light who stood behind us. It was a great show and the kids all looked so cute! Emma makes a great “Little Angel” and she has enjoyed all the excitement of being part of a professional show. David and I (and Matt), however, will be glad when it’s all over! Rehearsals late every night this week have pushed our good will (and our sleep) to the limits. But we enjoy the “joy sprinkles” of watching Emma delight in doing her best and being part of it all.

    Hope your date night was wonderful!


  3. Bob, Amy, Emily, Meredith and Abby Says:

    Well, it will probably be a bad ice storm because we are flying back from TX today. We are coming into Charlotte, NC then planning to drive back home tonight. It looks like the weather may stop that last part of the plan though.

    I had to laugh at you saying that you didn’t know what the big deal was with ice. I was talking to a lady in a shop in San Antonio, TX, and she said that if any ice falls there, everything is closed. She said that people there couldn’t even drive in the rain. So I guess the moral is to at least be happy people in VA can drive in the rain! :0)

    We’ll try to come and see you soon. Love to all!

  4. sophia wilhelm Says:

    I braved the lines at Kroger today because I was out of milk. Really the werong time to run out of anything! But it reminded me of when we were in Hawaii I worked in a pharmacy in a grocery store. While we never had ice or snow, once a year or so we would have a hurricane warning or tsunami warning and people would flock to the grocery store and the only things they would buy were rice and toilet paper. The shelves would be completely void of those items in about 6 hours. Apparently during WWII there were shortages of those in Hawaii and people have not forgotten.
    Hope you all stay cozy and warm during the cold weather.

  5. Lita Long Says:

    It is funny to see the long lines in the grocery store when we have a weather advisory, but I’m thankful for them. I guess I see a different perspective. The year we had the big blizzard, I was unprepared. We didn’t own a SUV, so we were unable to get out of our neighborhood for 7 days! (We don’t live within walking distance of a grocery.) We had small children then, so I quickly ran out of the staples that I should have stocked. The neighbor across the street had a truck and came over to check on us. He brought us what we needed from his kitchen! He did what I should have done- planned ahead. So I think the people who plan are very wise. They are prepared even when the weather isn’t as bad as predicted!

    It’s also fun to stand in the lines and listen to everyone talk about the coming storm! It is common ground for all of us and the stories behind each shopping basket are fun!

    Here’s to plenty of toilet paper!!!
    Miss Lita

  6. Sandy Says:

    I hope your date night was fun! Barnes and Noble is a good place for a date!

    We’re expecting our first big snow tonight (9 to 15 inches) here in Michigan. They are saying we’re going to have “ground level blizzards”, which is a new term to me and I suppose means strong but low winds (?). I didn’t go out today, but my Mom e-mailed me that she waited in a long line at the grocery store, so people are in a bit of a panic even here where we are used to this. I always have a large stock of cereal, peanut butter, and canned fruit, so I don’t worry about it too much. And the forecast for Monday is dry, so hopefully we’ll all be fully operational then.

    God’s peace to you all on the sabbath!


  7. Doris Harriff Says:

    According to the different stations where Mike has watched the weather forecast, we’re in one of the following areas: 1) 4-8″; 2) 8-10″; 3) 6+” .
    It was snowing pretty heavily earlier, but the snow seems to have stopped for the time being. If it is snowing heavily, or if there’s heavy snow on the road, tomorrow morning, I won’t even try to go to church. I have 18+ miles to church, and steep hills and winding roads - and I’m getting old!

    Aunt Doris

  8. Karen Tillman Says:

    Hey Dawn, I was raised here in the south, and I still can’t figuire out why the mad rush!!! Now if I lived out in the sticks like I used to years ago, then I might would understand. Once when I was small I remember a snow and ice storm that kept us in for 2 whole weeks, and being on well water was not funny!!! Thankfully my mom had gathered up enough water ahead of time so that we could flush the toilets. GRIN

    Katy, I am glad to hear that you are doing better today, and hope that will continue to be the trend. I want nothing more than for you to have a Merry Christmas with all the trimings!!! Know that even though I am not writing daily. I am praying for you daily.
    Love and prayers
    Karen Tillman

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