Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Escape

This morning after Paul left for work I crawled in bed with Katy. We were sound asleep when suddenly our dog Ellie started barking on high alert. I sprang out of bed in time to see three beautiful horses turning into the driveway, galloping full speed toward the field next to our grape arbor. I recognized them right away because I had ridden one of them last spring. I watched while they became interested in the lawn. I called our neighbor, Donna, to tell her the horses were visiting our house and grazing contentedly. Because she had been running around their property looking for the horses, she was out of breath when she answered the phone.

Donna gasped that she would be right over to collect the horses. I looked out the side window to observe how peaceful and serene the horses appeared, unaffected by any thought or care. They had no schedule to keep. They had found a sweet patch of greens in our volleyball court. They were settled in and happy. In ten minutes, Donna and her daughter Maylin could be seen making their way through the field with a bucket of treats and ropes in their hands. I observed from the window that one horse was interested in the treats. While she had the horse’s attention, Maylin slipped the rope effortlessly over the horse’s head. With Maylin and Donna leading one of the horses, the other two pranced and ran through the field following their “partner” home to their own pasture.

I want to be like the horses today. I want to make a run for it. I want to prance through the field and find a wonderful adventure with no care about my schedule or responsibility. That’s just what I am going to do. It is Valentine’s Day. Paul invited me out for lunch and then we are going to have a look around one of my favorite antique stores. After a few hours my heart will lead me back home, to my own pasture where everything familiar will somehow seem new and refreshing, and I will have known the the joy of “escaping” just for a little while.

As the Lord observed the horses running free this morning, (we know He did because His word says even a sparrow does not fall to the earth without His notice), I think He was delighted with the little outing the horses took today. I know He’ll be delighted with my “escape” because Paul and I want to celebrate the love He gave us. “Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.” Psalm 145:16. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  1. Doris Harriff Says:

    Did you have a nice escape, Dawn? And now happy to be back in your cozy home!

  2. Trisha Ferris Says:

    What a romantic you are! I love the horse story & the idea that the Lord took delight in their escape, something I never would have thought of on my own. Just another evidence that you were meant to write. Keep it up, sister.

  3. Martha Harrison Says:

    Dawn, I love this story about the horses! You are the best! Who else could write an interesting account like that about 4 horses belonging to a neighbor running loose?
    Not only write a story, but you so beautifully bring a spiritual lesson out of it!! I am blessed every time I read your entries. Yes, I loved seeing you and Katy at the store! God is so good to give us abundantly more than we could ever ask or think!!
    Love and prayers, Martha