Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Can Do It!

Qavah has a sweet expression that sounds like a little song when she says it. “I can do it,” is her cheerful reply when we show her how to do something and she wants to take over the task. This morning when she woke up I thought she seemed extra quiet and thoughtful, though she still got up smiling. After breakfast I took her to the hematology lab for a blood test. She came home and made her way out to the swing set. She had a high ol’ time swinging with all her might. Then the phone rang with the news that her blood count was 6.3. When the nurse from hematology said, “you might just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch cartoons and we’ll transfuse her in the morning,” I looked out across the lawn at this sweet little wisp of a girl singing and swinging, and thought, “I can do it,” is a very good attitude to live with.

Katy’s labs came back today with elevated liver and pancreas enzymes. She told me two weeks ago that she knew her pancreas wasn’t functioning right and the pain in her left ribs right through to her back was a telltale sign. At that time, she had labs that indicated “normal” function and we just laughed. It is so often the case. After two weeks of excruciating pain the labs drawn yesterday told the story. The nurse called to tell us not to feed Katy anything but water and maybe Slim Fast. Her GI doctor is going to try to get her liver and pancreas to settle down with a drug called Urso. Katy knew two weeks ago that something was up, but in order to be treated she had to wait until the blood work proved it. She is taking the “no food” directive with a grin because she stopped eating last week. At the rate the methotrexate is working, and the two weeks it will take for the Urso to begin to work, we know we have a rough road ahead for the next few weeks, but as Qavah says, “I can do it!”

Lord, you made these two very dear girls, and their struggles are precious in your sight. Their strength for each day comes from you, the sustainer of life. When the road they must travel is the roughest, give them the grace to say, “I can do it!” I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

  1. Linda W. Says:

    Two little “blue engines” will be saying “I thought I could” in the near future is my prayer! Hang in there, Precious Ones!

  2. Trisha Ferris Says:

    The Campbell girls are my heroes!!

  3. Doris Harriff Says:

    Thank God that Katy’s problems have been explained, and will be treated. I keep praying for both of your girls, and for you and Paul as their caretakers. By the way, what is the word on Qavah’s port? Will it have to be replaced? Or is it working properly now?

    Love you all!
    Aunt Doris

  4. Lael Moreland Says:

    I just want to let you know how much of an encouragement and blessing your last two posts have been.
    Yesterday you spoke of fighting our giants…of our fears, doubts, and insecurities. I have finals this week at school, and yesterday I had an entire day of doubts, disappointments and basically looking at myself and saying, “you messed up again. You can’t do anything. Everything your working for is pointless because you just can’t do it. You’ll never make it.” I had been considering God’s truth, and trying to make myself believe and apply it to my life when I read your post. It summed up everything God had been trying to show me- and due to my disappointment in myself I had been unable to comprehend. It is very true that I can’t do anything, that I don’t have what it takes, and that I am a royal mess up. But the truth I must remember is His GRACE and acceptance of me in this state. I forget that I do have a redeemer! I cried when I read your post, It was God’s word speaking to my heart when I needed it most.
    And then today, you have a wonderful follow up. Now I know that the Lord redeems me from this horrible state I am in, but now I don’t know what to do because I obviously can’t DO anything. There is a balance in knowing you can’t do anything, but still doing good as unto the Lord. Well how in the world can I do good when I haven’t the ability?? And that’s just it, I don’t have the ability so I must rely on Him to work through me. I can do it- in Christ alone! Though I can’t do it alone- it is Christ who strengthens me to do it.
    So, thank you for the truth, the encouragement. And keep it up Katy and Qavah!!
    Much Love and many hugs.

  5. kim rose Says:

    You remain an inspiration to this family and you remain in our prayers….

    I appreciated driving by today and seeing the wash on the line… I thought about the freshness that come with hanging out the wash… and the smoke signals it sends to those around you…

    then I approached my house and thought… wow I love those awesome folks and I wish I could do more to help them… how I often drive by your home and remember to seek the Lord in prayer and to give thanks and to just spend a min talking with him…. interesting how we send smoke signals when we dont even realize it….

    then as I approached our home I bursted out with laughter thinking of the smoke signals we must send to our neighbors… looking at the cluttered porch, the building permits and the contractors vans in the driveway… the trashcans piled high and the half hung christmas decorations still sitting in boxes because there just hasnt been time…. so much going on…. and then I chuckled even harder as I saw these three giant inflatable snowmen flattened on the ground…. and I thought… yep that just about sums it up… all the air sucked right of me today…. so many trials this week…. I felt like one of those snowmen on the ground… flattened and lifeless….

    I am emotionally drained and physically drained…. Nathanael facing a hospital stay and us trying to keep him home if at all possible… the Oxygen tanks were delivered tonight and the IV fluids will be started by the nurse in the morning…. and I thought of all you guys go through and how dare I whine because of the things I am dealing with this week…

    I come here daily and read to see how Katy and the entire family are doing…. and what I find here is the inspiration to trust God for all things… to set aside worldly ideas and to dismiss those pesky negotiations that are ripping my heart out… and just trust God….

    I thank you for the inspiration you are… and for smoke signals and for perseverance… for Faith… for Grace…. for obedience… for so many things I see in your family that inspire me to strive for the same…

    we flipped a switch on the snowmen tonight and an amazing thing happened…. suddenly they stood up and began to sing…. with just a little fan to blow air into them they stood and they sang…. and then I smiled because I remembered that Jesus in me will make me stand and sing as well…. faith , perseverance, obedience…. yes I do need to work on those….

    I pray you have a wonderful day tomorow… forgive my ramblings… just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration…

    God Bless

  6. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    What wonderful comments on the blog today! I thought it was the RIGHT side Katy was having pain on, rather than the left. The pancreas again, AND liver. I’m not sure I would want to be treated with URSO, however. That word means BEAR in Portuguese!!! Well, if Katy is going to eat bear, I hope it makes her as strong as a bear! Is it an acronym? I love your word pictures of Qavah! I can imagine her singing and swinging on the swing - with a HgB of 6.3! When my was down to 11.5 I kind of wimped around and had to lie down mid morning for awhile. Surely you and your family are “Strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!” We’ll be with you in prayer, Katy, praying t hat the Lord will hurry up the effectiveness of these meds.

    In the meantime, I still want to send some spa supplies. What do you like! Love, Aunt Lil

  7. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    A little humor from my son for you….

    A few days ago, the kids and I were driving home from Emma’s piano lesson. Her teacher always lets students select a small piece of candy from a dish after each lesson. Emma decided to eat her piece on our drive home, a hershey’s kiss. Emma said something to the effect that she liked hershey’s kisses, but that Skittles are her favorite, to which Matt replied very plainly, “CANDY is MY favorite candy.” Emma and I thought this was hysterical. Then, today I ran to the bank and went through the drive-up teller window. After completing my transaction, the teller placed two lollypops in the automatic drawer for the kids. Delighted, they opened them, and Matthew exclaimed, “Oooh! It’s my favorite flavor!” I said, “Which flavor, Matt?” and heard in reply, “I have no idea.” Ah, true to form.

    Hope you’re all having a great day!

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