Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joy Sprinkles

Somewhere along the way in my childhood I was introduced to sugar sprinkles. Those brightly colored festive toppings that turn a mere cookie into an event are the ones I’m talking about. I had a day like that. I woke up knowing that today, after Qavah’s transfusion, she would be feeling a lot better. She couldn’t stand on her little legs this morning, so Paul helped me get her ready and I headed out to the hospital with her. When I arrived I was greeted by the valet service which runs like a well-oiled machine at RMH. I pulled to the curb, got a wheelchair out of the trunk, and was helped by the valet as we got Qavah situated for the ride to the seventh floor. He waved to her and called her a little princess. She was beaming and so was I when I thankfully handed him my key and he took care of parking the car.

Qavah’s port was accessed but it was not working properly for the blood transfusion so she had to have an IV line placed. She was so patient and cheerful; it melts my heart. Her joy sprinkles walked into the room during her transfusion. Santa arrived along with Miss Virginia 2007, Hannah Kiefer. Qavah lit up with joy as she turned her attention toward Hannah and I heard her whisper, “a real princess,” as she eyed Miss Virginia’s crown. Hannah is an amazing girl. I had met her while taking a class at a local church two years ago. She is a Hollins University student. She has put her faith in action by starting a campus Bible Study, and has devoted her time as Miss Virginia to helping children make wise choices about health and moral purity. She reminded me to pray for her as this January is the Miss America pageant. She would be a wonderful representative of our Nation, and I wish her well. Qavah’s joyful expressions sprinkled cheer into my life as well.

Katy’s day was sprinkled with joy when her Dad helped her wrap Christmas gifts for friends today. He drove to the post office and mailed some of them off. She is happiest when she is doing things for others; aren’t we all? Tonight she was experiencing some strong spasms in her back and as I was trying to comfort her with moist heat Paul arrived home with a copy of Victoria magazine. The joys continue as she turns the pages and exclaims over all the lovely Victorian dresses and Christmas decorations. It was just what was needed and I’m so thankful that even in hardship there are sprinkles of joy to be found in the simplest of things! Thank you for continuing to pray for us. May your days be filled with joy sprinkles, then write to us and tell us about them.

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    WoW! Jesus really planned some powerful “Joy Sprinkles” for Qavah today, didn’t He! Santa AND a Princess! And I’m sure Qavah returned quite a few to them. We know the Prince of Peace was watching over all. And Katy got a Victoria Magazine to distract the pain of back spasms. A really good Christmas magazine is alway a joy. I bought the December issue of Sunset, and am going to make the Pork Crown Roast recipe for a Christmas luncheon with daughter Amanda and spouse, and Valeria and Lee, Tony’s Brazilian niece and husband. I pray that many unexpected joys will come in the next two weeks to help the time of pain to pass by quickly.

    Love you. Aunt Lil

  2. Aleah Yunger Says:

    I can still remember meeting Miss Virginia as a young girl myself — that is a moment Qavah will hold onto tight! My joy sprinkles for the day: I prepared really well for my exam and I think I did great! That’s a joy and a relief. Also, a close friend of mine mended a relationship in her life that had been causing her much pain… it was truly a blessing to watch God work His plan out as both of them sought to mend the hurt. What a beautiful gift before Christmas comes! Praying for you this night. Excited to come see you all over Christmas break :) Love always, Aleah

  3. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    What a precious time for Qavah in the midst of her challenges!! Another “God thing (i.e. a divine appointment)!”
    We pray Katy will soon experience more problem-free moments … and then, days, followed by HEALTHY times.
    Greetings from Nashville!
    Ib & Patricia

  4. Barbara Walker Says:

    Aren’t those days wonderful when you can feel God’s pleasure all through the day?! What a wonderful picture! You have a budding Miss Virginia there yourself with Qavah. I’ve never seen such a beautiful smile.

    Love to Katy and all.


  5. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    I love that magazine!!!! I recently got a copy and was so happy to see that they were back in business.

  6. lburk Says:

    HI..what a fun day.. meeting Santa and Miss Va..she is sooo pretty…Joy was watching my students singing Feliz Navida today..and dancing around the room…they made holiday cards for the soldiers over seas yesterday..I was proud of them..tomorrow the students take home the snowman ornament they made for their families..they are soo excited..children and the holidays just go together..hope your whole family is feeling well enough tomorrow to enjoy the preparations and festivities of this holiday season…hugs to all, Linda

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