Monday, December 31, 2007

New Site, New Name, New Year!

NEW SITE: Katy has been working on a new website to replace Katysblog. The new site will actually include more information about Qavah, and how she is growing and developing. The design of the new site is completely her own. It is one of the ways she has gotten through sleepless nights after a blast of steroids. I have been giving her a dose of medication at four in the morning and many times have been surprised to see her working on her computer instead of sleeping. You can visit the new website by typing: You will also want to visit Katy's new website at the following address:

NEW NAME: Since July of 2006, Katy has been referred to as “Kathryn” at the hospital, doctors’ offices, and college. Most telephone callers ask for Kathryn. About two weeks ago, Katy said, “I’m wanting to use the name Kathryn for the rest of my life. I have always loved it and so many people call me that now.” We are going to try to remember to call her Kathryn, but after so many years, I am having the hardest time doing that consistently. The funny thing is that Qavah always remembers. From the day they were introduced and I said, “This is your sister Katy,” Qavah has called her “sister Katy.” With the name change as of two weeks ago Qavah has said, “sister Kathryn,” which makes us all laugh because it sounds like a good name for a nun. “Katy” is now and forever Kathryn Elizabeth-Aan Campbell. When we adopted her through Welcome House Agency, we were told that she must have some part of her name reflect her Indian heritage. We chose the name Aan because it was so similar to the American name, Ann.

NEW YEAR: A new year holds the promise of better things to come. As one of my friends reminds me, “It’s ALL good,” whether it looks like it circumstantially or not. I hope and pray that this will be a year of many new discoveries in medicine, in academia, and in our personal lives. We wish you all the joy your heart can hold, and that nothing will stop you from achieving your God-given goals.

“Even when it is not well with our circumstances, it can be well with our souls.” - Jennifer Rothschild


  1. Happy New Year Campbell Family! I love the new design - Kathryn - you have done a 'marvelous' job darling! ;) I hope you all have a good NYE - I'm turning into a pumpkin and it's only 11:05!

    Love ya'll!

  2. I do hope you will be adding in all the comments from the old site; many of them are so uplifting! I've even referred other people on the internet to some of them.

    May this New Year bring new health to Kathryn (I will have a hard time getting used to this, too; I still call my sisters Mildred and Lillian "Middy" and "Lily").

    Aunt Doris

    PS - Can images be posted? There are occasions when I would have liked to post pictures - like the one I took of Paul, Dawn & Colin at the family reunion in Ohio, and the one of Heather at Aunt Lil's wedding.

  3. Yes, you can post images. You should be able to copy and paste the image you want to into this comment box. Or you can email them to me and I would be glad to post them online. However, in general, for the editors of the website, it will now be easier to post images.

  4. Happy New Year Campbells! We love you! Sandy and Joshua left about 2 hours ago and Danae is on her way home. Very soon our holiday will be officially over. Good job on the new site Kathryn! :)
    ~Aunt Julie

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