Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Next Day

I loved my Valentine lunch. Paul and I ordered a pot of tea to finish off our meal. A pot of tea goes nicely with a relaxing conversation too. The problem I have after a day like yesterday is that I want to do it again. Even while we were eating I thought, “This is a great date. I’m sure my need for relationship is satisfied and I’ll be good for another two weeks.” It was all I had hoped for. I was refreshed.

The problem started early this morning when Paul kissed me goodbye to head out the door for work. I wanted to fling myself in front of the door and say, “You can’t leave!” I almost did. All those feelings of being satisfied with yesterday’s date were gone. Halfway through the morning I had already called the office once and sent him an email thanking him for the Valentine lunch. Some may call me emotionally challenged or co-dependent, but I think it’s nice to feel this way after thirty-three years.

I know not everyone reading this post had a Valentine’s Day celebration, and my son Paul Burton has coined it, “Singles Awareness Day.” But isn’t it good to know that there are still people in this world who have been married a long time and think marriage is fun?


  1. Andrea R Says:

    well first of all THANK YOU for coming over to my Blog. And especially for the comforting words. I responded to your comment on my site :)
    Anyways, I dont know if anyone knows it from Church and I dont care, I am an open book. I came to the States in 1992 and got married that same year to my husband, but we didnt make it. We separated in 1999 and I moved to VA. In I believe 2001 we got divorced, after we havent seen each other for 5 years ( We talked every blue moon on the phone, like once a year or less), we met up Thanksgiving 2004 I believe. We got remarried on July 13th, 2006. I love him very much and now I believe he does love me too! Our Valentinesday was very quiet, and we enjoyed been just at home watching TV, since he usually works nights and it was his night off. So all in all I had a good Valentines, but I have to say we are not into special things like cards and flowers and stuff. We can do that any day…lol
    Anyways there you got a little more about me!
    Love you very much

  2. Adam Thompson Says:

    I just noticed that the abbreviation for Singles Awareness Day is SAD…hmmmm. :-D

    But yes, it is quite cool that there are people who have been married a long time and are still having fun at it. :-) That’s the way it should be, IMHO.