Monday, February 19, 2007

Real Life

Overcoming the physical challenges of HPS has tested Katy and me. One day things seem to be getting better and then for no particular reason all her symptoms flare up and for several days Katy is in bed. We have adjusted fairly well by being flexible and letting go of our expectations. We are both organizers. We both keep a calendar. We both like planning the events in our lives. However, since last July we have been unable to plan, organize, or count on anything. I find myself not committing to events until the very day they happen, never knowing how things may be with Katy.

A positive outcome of this unpredictable syndrome is the way we have taken the attitude that we are going to enjoy life no matter what. Katy is going through another set of withdrawal symptoms today but we decided to look forward to it. We are feeling celebratory because after this “step down” she will be half-way through the process. Last week when we were in the library I said, “Katy, next week when you are going through withdrawals, let’s plan another mystery marathon.” We checked out some mysteries and came home happy to know the next few days could even be fun! We enjoyed today and kept busy, then settled down to watch our mysteries this evening. We even watched a home buying show and picked the house we wanted and talked about how we would decorate it. The home was in Florida, so we dreamed about that, too.

I don’t want to look back on these days with regret. I want to know we did all we could to make the most of the time. I don’t want to think years from now that we “could have, should have, might have…” Katy and I are dreaming big dreams these days. We believe God is going to give us the opportunity to make some of those dreams a reality. Real life is not the daily coping skills we are learning. Real life is the dreams we are dreaming, knowing it is by faith that dreams become a reality.


  1. Karen Tillman Says:

    I couldn’t have said that any better myself!!! I know that you are inspiring people with your attitudes as we speak, and you are welcome to share this with Katy as well. May God give you and Katy a goodnight’s rest.
    Love Always
    Karen Tillman

  2. Katy Says:

    Mom, I have such a blast dreaming with you! One blessing of having a mother with such a vivid and clear imagination is that our dreams feel more real than fantasy. However, I do look forward to the time when our dreams will turn into reality…especially those dreams involving trips.

  3. Lillian Harriff Oliveira Says:

    Hey, Dawn, I LOVE THAT IDEA OF A HOME IN FLORIDA! I recommend ST. PETERSBURG! We can be neighbors!!! Waiting for the blessed moving of the Lord in this “dream to be”. Much Love, Aunt Lil