Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sabbath rest

The ice predicted for this area is not falling yet. It may not. There is heavy rain and I can see now that if the temperature was lower we would have a real blizzard. But for now, we are in for the night, listening to the heavy rain on the roof, and glad it is time to quiet our hearts and rest.

This morning Katy went to her MRI with plenty of medication to give her back relief while the test was being given. After an hour and a half, I heard her coming down the hall sniffling. My first thought was that the pain medication had worn off. Her back did hurt, but the nurse had just told her that next Saturday she would be going back for part two of the MRI which is longer and harder. It wasn’t what she was expecting to hear. The grace to do it all again next week will be there.

Your comments after the last post were interesting. Snow and ice and even hurricanes do bring an awareness that we can not be in control of all things at all times. My friend Amy has little frogs all around her house. Some are glass, some are resin, some are made like a little toy critter. I asked her one day what caused her to become interested in collecting frogs and she said they remind her to Fully Rely On God. “FROG!” Fully rely on God; a good way to remember that we are not in charge.

  1. Adam Says:

    That’s funny. We’ve had ice falling up here for several hours now…

  2. Sandy Says:

    Oh boy, I wish I could be there to give Katy a big hug. Those days when you are doing everything you can to hold it together and get through, and then some medical situation throws you for a loop again are so hard. May God’s peace cover you in the week ahead and through another test.

    The FROG story reminds me of my DOG story. Three years ago, I had a list of goals for the year that included getting an apartment and a dog. As I sat in worship on Christmas, I marveled at the year that had gone by and that I met nearly all of those goals…except getting a dog. I then opened a hymnal and a dog fell out!!! Well, not a real dog, but a little card that showed a picture of a dog and said “D.O.G. - Depend on God!” Hooray for DOGs and FROGs to remind us whose we are!

    I am a little snowed in this morning and will probably not venture across town to my own church, but there is a church within walking distance that I attend sometimes if health or weather prevent car travels. So I might join them in worship. It sure is pretty out! We got about 8 inches of snow within another 4 expected through the day.

  3. Doris Harriff Says:

    Mike & I covered the car with a tarp yesterday. We were going out to uncover it this morning, so I could go to church, but it was sleeting, and the snow had a crust on it. I decided not to go. We’ve had some snow since then, and probably some freezing rain, and despite the fact that the snowplow went by a couple of times, our road does not look good.

    Let’s hope that everything turns out well for Katy. It is discouraging to get so little good news about her condition. She is in my prayers daily, and our church is praying for her regularly.

    Aunt Doris

  4. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    My good news is that I FOUND the “Funniest Book I’ve ever read.”! Its called “Bless me, Father”, a partially true story based on the first parish experiences of a young English priest
    assigned to work with an old, experienced and wily Scottish priest, with a housekeeper with whom he was in constant hilarious verbal battle. It will be on the way soon. Wish I had a dozen copies! Katy, that extra MRI is a downer for sure. May God give you an extra MILE of grace when the time comes, so that you’ll fly through with flying colors. We love you! No snow here - clouds and occasional misting rain - Seattle kind - Christmasy weather. Aunt Lil

  5. Anne Poler Says:

    Hi, Campbell Crew!
    A weather note:
    Up here in Pennsylvania, we were expecting a classic Nor’Easter. That’s not quite what happened. Saturday evening, we had lots of sleet (got pretty noisy), then woke up to find 1/4 inch of ice on the cars. The precipitation changed to a steady heavy rain, and then as we were leaving church at 12:30 it was snowing heavily and accumulated about an inch. That was soon followed by a break in the clouds and some (believe it or not) sunshine–even if brief. And now it’s VERY windy. SO: if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!

  6. Dawn Says:

    Blustery winds are howling tonight! Sunday night is trash night. Paul built a cart that holds three trash cans and wheels it down to the road. On a cold wintery night in blustery winds that is a long trek. So in this weather, and yet again, I am thankful for Paul, who faithfully puts the trash out rain, snow sleet, or shine! Katy has an appointment with her hematologist tomorrow. I’m hoping he can help her some more. It has been a rough weekend.

  7. Jes Says:

    Dawn -
    It was so good to talk to you breifly yesterday. I hope you were able to the nap that you were planning and that Qavah enjoyed the children’s choir. We continue to pray for you guys - I hope the appointment goes well this morning. I admire your research and ablilty to clearly communicate with all the medical people involved in Katy’s care.

  8. Mike Theesfield Says:

    The snow picked up here after after finally making up its mind to stay frozen. We’ve got about eight inches now in the morning.

    How’s Katy holding up?

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