Monday, December 03, 2007

Waiting For Things To Change

Katy went to the hematologist today and had labs drawn. She will get the results tomorrow I assume. She has been vomiting all evening after enjoying a fresh baked biscuit earlier. It is very discouraging for her. The vomiting just started, but the back pain and aching in the upper left portion of her ribcage has plagued her for days. The most discouraging thing for her is having the doctor say, “I just don’t have an answer.”

It is not all misery and dismal around here! The other day Paul stayed home with Annelise and Qavah while I took Katy to the doctor. He attached my dishtowel to an empty laundry basket, filled it with the two girls, and pulled them around the house for the afternoon. Who knew life could be this fun? Katy got some interesting pictures of that when we got home. It amused all of us. Thank you, Daddy. Life would be so boring if it were not for daddies tossing their babies in the air, hanging them upside down, and riding them on their shoulders. I wish I were small enough to be tossed myself. If I want to have fun like that, I have to go all the way to Disney World.

  1. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    What fun Annelise has brought to your lives … a symbol of hope and faith in the future. And then there’s Qavah. It’s terrific that the 2 girls can share fun time together with Paul. Levity is good for the soul and for you, too, Katy! It’s great to see how much you enjoy taking pictures. My your stomach settle down and may you get a good, sound sleep tonight.

  2. lburk Says:

    HI…I am home sick today….same upset stomach and body aches..I am never sick so this is very unusual for me..I hope Katy and me are just experiencing a 24 hour bug. love the pictures of the little ones..yes that Paul is a fun guy………I knew that……hugs, Linda

  3. Sandy Says:

    There’s nothing cuter than babies in a basket! They look like they’re having so much fun!

    I hope some of the new meds Katy is on offer some relief as her body adjusts to them. It is hard to hear that a doctor doesn’t know what to do, but I’m glad he was honest and not dismissive of the issues that Katy is having. Rare illnesses are a big challenge for the patient and the doctor, I think.

    Hang in there. Take care. Lots of hugs and prayers from here.


  4. Doris Harriff Says:

    I have been just thinking what Sandy said about doctors. I hope Katy gets relief soon.

    I can see Colin’s & Jenn’s hand in the photography processing!