Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to School

College classes started today and Kathryn is working on her course work for Mass Media Law and Ethics and hopes to have it finished by the end of the week. Then she will have to turn her attention to her final paper and getting in the time for research. We discussed visiting the two libraries of Roanoke College and Hollins University for information and articles, and it is rather thrilling to see Kathryn's interest come alive as she begins to feel better. The last few days have been like a dream. When she is doing well we all relax.

The second part of Kathryn's MRI was taken this afternoon. She already knows there are hairline fractures in her lower spine and is thinking about the courses of treatment offered to her. There is a relatively new drug named Boniva that is given IV, and two of her doctors feel that it is the best one to try. So we'll be researching the side effects of that drug and praying for wisdom. I want to check with the hematologist to determine whether those bone building drugs affect platelet function before we do anything.

The southeast is having a couple of those"bonus days" that I mentioned last winter. The sunshine and warm southern air had people outside today. I was thankful for the taste of spring and for having both girls with me as I drove to the MRI appointment. They were both so beautiful. Qavah has finally started expressing herself freely and when we got home Kathryn said, "Mom, she has been talking for three hours!" But I reminded her that it doesn't matter when it is all such cute stuff. We played her tape of hymns while driving and she has her favorites. One is a song about "The Harvest," and it is an old missions song. The chorus repeats the phrase, "Bringing in the sheaves." Only she must be thinking about how I hang out the laundry on a breezy day and sings, "Bringing in the sheets, Bringing in the sheets; we shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheets." There is another bonus day forecast for tomorrow and I will be rejoicing as I bring in the sheets. I'll praise God again for letting me have one more little one to raise!


  1. This is such a refreshing post after so many "problem" posts! And I had to laugh at Qavah and "bringing in the sheets!" I used to work with a lady who said that when she was a child, that's what she thought they were singing! And in one of the "Anne of Green Gables" books, a young girl was singing in church, "His blood can make the violets clean."

    Love to all, Aunt Doris

  2. What wonderful pictures of two very happy girls.
    Kathryn, did you receive a bird book for Christmas; it looked like you were holding up one in one of the pictures. I'm bird chairman in our garden club and today I asked everyone to count birds on Feb. 15-18 for the Great Backyard Bird Count in the U.S. and Canada. I don't usually get much response, but I tried!
    I've had enough of this warm weather in January. I want to sit by my nice warm fireplace--maybe snow on Sunday!
    Thank you, Lord, for these days of less pain for Kathryn and I pray that You will give her lots more.