Monday, January 21, 2008

Celebration in the Midst of It All

The celebrating we did yesterday for Colin's belated birthday had a therapeutic effect on all of us. No wonder there are so many commands in the Old Testament to celebrate! It's a good thing to do between warfare, famine, illness, and other negative events that catch us by surprise.

I was taking a nap with Qavah this afternoon and had just gotten into a deep sleep when the hospital called. I had taken Qavah for blood work early this morning because she just didn't look well to me. The nurse from Hematology/Oncology called to tell us that Qavah's situation has changed and her condition could get very serious. She gave me the signs to watch for and they have put her on an immediate admission list if things go wrong during the night. We will be monitoring her temperature carefully. Her total white cell count was four this morning. After further testing it was determined that the particular white cells that fight bacteria are very low in number and she now has a condition called neutropenia, which means if she were to get an overgrowth of bacteria her body could not fight it. She was put on a strong antibiotic tonight but the real culprit is probably that port. We were told it cannot be removed now until her ability to fight bacteria is back. A surgeon has been consulted by Qavah's hematologist, but we haven't spoken to him yet.

Through all of these discoveries today we remain very excited about the future for Qavah. She has often put her hand over her port and said, "Jesus is going to make me better." Even Qavah has associated feeling better with the removal of that port. She listened to us very seriously when we told her how careful we have to be. Hand washing, staying away from the sick, and taking her medicine, are her lines of defense for now. But I would add that we have a mighty God, strong to save. We can boldly approach Him especially during emergencies, and because of what we have seen Him do in the past, we stand on faith that Qavah is in His capable hands.

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  1. It's 11:00PM. So glad I read your journal so I could pray for that precious as she (I hope) sleeps.