Monday, January 28, 2008

Medical Records

Qavah's medical records and all recent labs are now copied and compiled into a hundred-and-fifty-page packet. We have her records and everything else ready for our trip to UVA including the DVD player and movies from the library to keep Qavah busy. She has been playing house today, and doing all her regular activities even with her lab reports suggesting she should feel like being in bed. It is amazing to see her playing and enjoying life with so little help from her body. Her spirit is very strong and her eyes continue to twinkle.

Kathryn's hamburger kept her awake and miserable for a good part of the night last night. Paul and I talked about that today and came to the conclusion that try as we might to talk her out of eating certain things, the choice is hers at her age, and we can't blame her for wanting to try a hamburger once in awhile just to see if her body can handle it. She found out it couldn't and told us today that she would not have another one any time soon. I read again today about the feast in Revelation 19:9 where the disciple John recorded, Then the angel said to me, "Write: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!" I know many people reading this blog have sat at the bedside of someone who could no longer eat or drink. While it is hard to witness that on this side of eternity, on the other side there is a feast that all can eat, that all can enjoy, that all are invited to attend. Because of the cross, we can thank God that here and now is not all there is!


  1. Good morning Dawn, Sry to hear about the hamburger, and I even though I am 43 years old, and suffer with the Crohn's part of HPS, there are times you just have to have a taste of something you shouldn't. And much like Kathryn, I will decide to leave it alone for awhile til the next craving!!! UGH Sometimes this disease is such a drag!!! GRIN Z just keep telling myself it could be worse, and that God is truly in control. You guys take care and hope the rest of the week goes smoothly.
    Love and prayers
    Karen Tillman

  2. Dear Dawn and Katy,
    I just receive the email copied below from a friend in Bible Study and thought to pass this prayer request onto you because you have a prayer ministry and you will understand the struggle more than anyone.
    Thank you so much,Your blogsite is an encouragement...I rejoice when you rejoice and sorrow when you continue to be in my prayers.
    In Christ's love, Sandy H.

    Prayer request:
    Dear Friends,

    As many of you know, my son, Richie, struggles with digestive problems. (He has gastroparesis; paralysis of the stomach). For the most part he does "ok" with occasional bad spells. However, as of today, he has not been able to really eat solid food since last Wed. He has lost 4lbs., and on his small frame that's around 8% of his total body weight.

    So...would you please pray for him? He's weak, tired and frustrated.....and he just wants so desperately to eat. We go to CHOP on Fri, there is a possibility he will need a G-tube (feeding tube) if this does not turn around. Okay, just for the record, we don't want that option.

    Thank you, I'm in your debt.