Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Night

Update: It is 1:00AM and Qavah is tucked into bed. She's already feeling better. Praise the Lord!

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Please pray for Qavah, as she is getting her monthly transfusion tonight. Dawn took her to the hospital this morning for a Complete Blood Count. Later in the afternoon, the doctor called back saying that Qavah's blood count was down to 5.8. The doctor recommended Dawn take Qavah to the Pediatric ER, so they could give her a transfusion today; they left the house around 4:00PM. Through a series of unfortunate events, the transfusion didn't start until late this evening. As a result, we don't expect Dawn and Qavah home until about midnight. Fortunately, Qavah is staying busy watching movies. However, please pray for their strength and patience.

Kathryn is doing better than she was earlier today, although her pancreas is giving her trouble again. The pain and constant belching returned over the weekend. Yesterday, she vomited a few times, but has been able to keep food down today. Fortunately, Kathryn already had an appointment scheduled with the G.I. doctor for tomorrow afternoon. Please pray he will have wisdom in treating this chronic pancreas issue.

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