Sunday, January 20, 2008

Re-birthday party

Paul Burton called Colin's birthday celebration this afternoon the "re-birthday party" because at the last minute last Saturday we had to cancel our celebration plans. This week we had a very nice time celebrating Colin's thirtieth birthday and Jennifer had baked a delicious carrot cake. Kathryn could enjoy the cake, too. Those times that we are able to sit down together are few and far between, but it is always a treat. Annelise has started walking and Qavah was "busy" checking out the new environment, so we still didn't sit down for long. We have been enjoying watching the friendship unfold between Annelise and Qavah. They smile at each other with some secret delight. I am so thankful for the celebration tonight.

This week I will get to work on getting Qavah's port issues straightened around. Her port started giving her problems last August, and has not been usable since October. We know it presents a high risk of infection, and needs to come out before infection takes over or before she is put on immunosuppressants. The timing is good because Kathryn is feeling well and is hoping to get a good start on her final paper this week, which will keep her busy. I will also be calling our social worker this week to get our final adoption paperwork started. It is hard to believe that our six month trial period is over the end of next month. We look forward to the day we have the documents listing us as her "parents." We are eager for that day!

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  1. Hey Dawn -
    It was so good to see you all at church yesterday! The girls looked so wonderful! Noah was very interested in coming to say hello to Qavah as soon as he heard that she was there. Later - we looked at pictures on the Blog and I said "Doesn't she have such a great laugh?" He said "Yes, Mom, she does." Very seriously! :) I love the picture of her and Paul - what a sweet moment!

    Love ya'll!