Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sleepy Day

Both girls have had a quiet day at home. They were low on energy. Qavah has not started to run a temperature so I remain hopeful that the antibiotic will fend off any bacteria looking for a place to grow. Qavah's hematologist will be calling tomorrow to discuss further plans. I also want to mention here that next Tuesday, Lord willing, I will be taking her to the University of Virginia hospital to meet with an immunologist. The appointment was made about a month ago and the time is drawing near to investigate the possible source of Qavah's blood disorder. I expect there will be several tubes of blood drawn. Thankfully she is more relaxed and cheerful during labs having witnessed Kathryn's bravery.

I know the time is coming that Qavah's care will be more labor intensive, but I have thanked God several times a day since we got her that her problems have been minor while Kathryn's were being addressed.

My friend Linda and I have been walking together for over ten years. Our schedules change and we have to make the time to walk. For the past two nights we have walked after dark, but the moon has been bright enough to cast shadows. Bundled in our coats, scarves, and mittens we were able to enjoy the brisk night air and experience the beauty of walking on icy moonlit nights. Our two-and-a-half mile trek seems like nothing when we focus our attention on our conversation and end with prayer. I would not have thought about finding a walking partner because I don't like exercise of any kind. But Linda is a gift from God and that was all His idea. I am thankful for the opportunity to get outdoors, increase my physical endurance, and have a friend to keep me accountable. We've walked 29 miles in the past two weeks in rain, shine, sleet, and snow. Thank you, Linda!

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  1. So, does this mean you will be applying to the post office soon? GRIN Seriously though, good friends and accountability partners are so hard to find, and what an encouragement to the heart they can be. I will pray that when you are weak Linda will be strong for you, and when Linda is weak, you can be strong for her. And of course we all know that we all draw our strength from God, but sometimes we need those close friends to remind us of this when things get rough. God bless you both, and know the girls are in our prayers.
    Karen Tillman