Thursday, January 10, 2008

Someone out there KNOWS me!

I opened my email account this morning and found I have mail from someone wanting to give me a vacation, help me lose holiday weight, help me make money from home, and improve very personal issues with a drug that begins with a "v". Well, how in the world do they think they know me so well? It is the state of affairs of our human condition, isn't it? We all need to work on the same things and are troubled by our over-indulgences daily. I read on a church sign last week, "May all of this year's problems only last as long as your New Year's resolutions." I would like to think that I could open those emails and find a remedy to quickly fix all the challenges in my life but I know before opening them that their claims are bogus.

Kathryn took her eighth dose of Methotrexate this morning. Her adrenal system takes a hit by early afternoon. I may have to give her more Prednisone, potassium, magnesium, and calcium before the day is over because she is already complaining of the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. Usually she starts feeling very cold and sleepy. Then her potassium level drops and joint pain begins. By then I know for sure how to handle the dip. I've told her before that her adrenal system is delicately balanced like a cake. All the ingredients have to be measured exactly for the cake to turn out, and the analogy is so true!

Qavah and I signed up for "Story Time" at our local library. I may have had more fun than she did because I love to be read to. Her friend Emily is signed up so they were able to enjoy the time together. I am having such a good time these days. Kathryn's care requirements have lessened, and I find that I am able to focus my attention on unfinished projects, housework, laundry, and playing. All of it is a treat, and I am very grateful to happily care for my family and home. It is a gift.


  1. Dawn, you crack me up! Glad you are wise enough to know the claims of the world are worthless :) It's been so wonderful to see all the pictures lately! Qavah looks like she enjoyed the books too! I pray that you can soak those joys deep inside. Love, Aleah

  2. I'm wondering, will Kathryn get over having these reactions to methotrexate? At least, she has a better-than-personal-physician, who knows exactly what is needed, when and how much. Through a long year of painful trial and error and learning. I hope the reaction passes quickly and K. can get back to her studies! Dawn, I'm sure some stuck-at-home mom are getting a new perspective on how wonderful it can be to be "stuck-at-home"!
    Always enjoy the pictures!

    Love, Aunt Lil