Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Night

This is my (Paul) first try at posting on this new site, but Dawn asked me to post an update because she is occupied giving Qavah her bedtime bath. I just walked past the bathroom and heard them both laughing, so bathtime is obviously fun tonight.

This day got off to a difficult start, as so many do, but ended well. Kathryn woke up in pain, frustrated because she wanted to go to church but realizing that her body was not going to cooperate once again. Dawn stayed home with both girls, and was able to get Kathryn stabilized with the judicious administration of potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, and prednisone. The girls worked on a Bible study in Kathryn's bedroom while I went to church by myself. By the time I got home, Kathryn and Qavah were dressed and ready to go. And go we did. We went to an afternoon concert - the whole family.

Greene Memorial United Methodist Church in downtown Roanoke has a monthly concert series, of mostly classical music. It's something we have enjoyed on many occasions in the past, but today's concert was one we've had marked on the calender for several months. We have been trying to expose Qavah to a variety of musical experiences, because she is so obviously musical. The group we heard today was the Marian Anderson String Quartet, and they gave a lively performance. To quote from the concert flyer: "Named in honor of the legendary American singer, Marian Anderson, this is the first African American ensemble in history to win a classical music competition, The International Cleveland Quartet Competition. Driven by their belief in the power of education, The Marian Anderson String Quartet has performed in hundreds of churches, libraries, museums, soup kitchens, prisons and concert halls across America and Europe." The quartet is composed of four women, two of whom have been part of the group since its founding nearly twenty years ago.

Qavah sat through nearly two hours of music with some apparent enjoyment and without complaint (although she switched from my lap to Paul Burton's lap during the intermission, for variety). She was very good, but I think she was glad when the concert was over. I doubt that many four-year-olds would have done as well.

On the way home, Kathryn started asking us to stop for a hamburger, and Qavah wanted french fries - not at the top of the list of recommended foods for a couple of young ladies with digestive issues. But we gave in, and stopped at the Dairy Queen drive-through. We watched Kathryn enjoy her hamburger, interrupting every few minutes to ask how she was feeling, how it was settling, etc. After she finished, she admitted to feeling some pain, but said she was going upstairs to work on her computer. An hour later, she said she was feeling fine and wanted another one! We got her to admit that it would be better to wait until tomorrow.

As I think about how God has preserved the lives of my girls (including Dawn, who also had a life-threatening childhood disease), I'm feeling especially grateful tonight. He sustains us through everything, sometimes when nothing else is working. I've seen His hand so often, it's not even a surprise anymore when we see it again. But it always inspires gratitude. So I say, "Thank You, Lord, for the joy of this day."

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