Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trip to Charlottesville

Before we even got out of bed this morning Paul prayed for a successful trip to Charlottesville, safety on the road, and that the new doctor would be a good fit. All of those prayers were answered today. Qavah had her little DVD player hooked up and ready to play Cinderella before we even left our driveway. She was such a good little traveler. The weather was clear and perfect for driving. I had a few snacks for Qavah and we stopped at Granddaddy and Grandma's house on the way to and from the doctor's visit to break up the trip. They had lunch for us, and Qavah played with their kitty. We even had tea in Charlottesville with Aunt Jackie and cousins, Heather and David. I wished I had taken the camera for a picture of our very special tea party.

Although traffic in the University district is heavy it is an easy drive. The last few notes of Cinderella's final song were playing when I pulled into the parking structure. We found our way around without getting lost inside the hospital complex, and soon Qavah was meeting her new doctor. He was warm and friendly to her and they chatted and played before he started listening to her heart, etc. She is much more relaxed when a doctor shows interest in her as a person first before beginning the actual physical exam. He glanced through her small mountain of medical records and we talked about possibilities.

What it comes down to is praying for wisdom and then stepping out on faith. We know she cannot go on tolerating blood transfusions once a month. Eventually her body will attack the foreign blood cells. That being the case, this new doctor said, "we have to take the plunge and see what else works!" He ordered several tests that he believes will tell a story about her immune system. He told me that all the results should be in over the next ten days and he will call us with his findings and recommendations. He also agreed that her port should come out. I left a copy of all of Qavah's medical records for him to read, and a list of all her doctors including her surgeon. We wait with hopeful expectation as Cinderella sings, "the dreams that we dare to dream really do come true."

After being away all day, I had the gift of coming home to a delicious meal, a gift from a great cook in our church. I got to sit down and hear about Kathryn's day at the law library with a very dear friend of mine who called Kathryn this morning thinking she might want to "do something" today. I feel completely blessed by all the acts of kindness that came our way today. Kathryn tells me regularly how much she loves my friends. I want to say how much I love them too. I wish I could throw a party one day where you could all meet each other, and you would see for yourselves what I mean. You are the best! God has given us a support network that has been rock solid. He is faithful in every way. Thank you all so much for praying. Together, we all get to watch what God will do for Qavah.


  1. What a busy but wonderful day you have had today. I'm green with envy that you had lunch with my brother and beloved sister-in-law, and tea with my darling niece Jackie and family! A big praise that the doctor was so nice and sees things as you see them and is willing to take the "plunge" to find what will work long-term for Qavah. Surely the God of all hope and love will guide him. May you all have a wonderfully good sleep tonight {seeing that Kathryn, I'm sure, DIDN'T eat another hamburger!}

    Always praying for you.

    Love, Aunt Lil

  2. I'm with Qavah - it's always easier to be relaxed with a doctor when they start out showing an interest in you as a person.