Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuned In

**Visit Kathryn's Keepsakes to read about her GI appointment**

This post will be brief, but joyful. It was a very good day for Kathryn and Qavah. Their health has improved and both were up, dressed, and cheerfully going about their day by mid-morning. Yesterday I noticed that Qavah didn't want to go down the stairs for breakfast so Paul put her in a laundry basket and carried her down for the fun of it. But then I noticed that she didn't want to move anywhere without being carried and I called the hospital to have her hemoglobin levels checked right away. The 5.8 reading was so astonishing! Her red cells disappeared fast last month! Her doctor called, we talked about the best plan of action, and in the end we decided to have her transfusion last night. She hadn't been eating but halfway through the transfusion she sat up and asked for food. The nurse brought her a box lunch and she ate it like a hungry bear. Since last night there has been such great improvement that Qavah has been going non-stop all day. It's bedtime now, and we have our routine rocking chair time, so I must go. I love that she is small enough to curl up on my lap and rock awhile before bedtime. It is such a great way to end the day. Thank you for praying for her. We are very hopeful that a treatment will be found soon to stop the destruction of her cells.

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