Friday, January 04, 2008

Walking by Faith

There are days that I wish I could keep in a box and take them out in the future to look at them again, like the sea shell collection I have from Fort De Soto beach. If I could take today out of a box and turn it in my hand, I would see the handiwork of God all over it. He made a very special day for us.

Kathryn woke up early this morning with strength. She looked radiant. We left the house before the sun was up and drove to the place this morning's seminar was being held. On the drive we watched the sky turn pink as the sun rose. We prayed for the people who would hear a difficult story, and for those in attendance that saw first-hand what Kathryn looked like just a few weeks ago. We prayed they would be blessed to see her standing. The room started filling up with a lot of white coats. Everyone made us feel welcome. Several of the hospital staff commented on our blog and I realized how far-reaching this story has become.

Her doctor began the presentation right on time and passed the microphone to Kathryn to fill in the details. He would introduce an aspect of HPS and allow her to tell the story of how those symptoms impacted her life. The time flew by and soon it was all over. As we were leaving, shaking the hands of many of the attendees, I felt that God had allowed all of us to look carefully at a serious situation and learn something from it. The question and answer time was quite interactive, and when it was all said and done we agreed that it was good seed planted. I hope the fruit that comes out of this morning's session will be sweet and bless doctors and patients alike in the years ahead. There were three people at the seminar this morning that took a personal interest in helping us move Kathryn from Prednisone to Methotrexate. They were our cheerleaders and they were there to see the results. I know they were blessed. The light in their eyes said so. How can we ever thank you enough?

From there we went to Kathryn's Remicade treatment. We were pretty surprised to discover something new. She just took her seventh dose of Methotrexate and it seems to enhance the effectiveness of the Remicade. She has stopped bleeding through her pores and her ears were not inflamed and itching like they had been before every other Remicade treatment. She was hearing well, and had no pain in her inner ear. Also, during the treatment her blood pressure stayed constant and she didn't break out in hives. In the past I had to pre-treat her with Benadryl or she would be scratching for hours. This week, there were no hives. Remicade day was so easy, and Kathryn so relaxed, that she slept through most of it while I wrote "Thank You" notes. It was a marvelous day in every way. When we returned home, little Qavah greeted us with a great deal of delight and I thought about how blessed we are to have her, too. Although it is only seven o'clock Kathryn is in bed for the night. As I think about today and seeing her inner beauty and grace, I am grateful for those of you who walked by faith with us during a long and difficult journey, praying for a day like this one.

"We don't learn to walk by faith until we've learned to walk in the dark."
- Jennifer Rothschild


  1. Wow! What an amazing day! The Lord's handiwork are all over think of where she was just a week ago and to hear about the dramatic change - what a blessing! :) Thank you for the update - Kathryn - you look very sharp and well put together in the pictures! I'm proud of you!


  2. Jennifer BlugermanJanuary 5, 2008 at 1:32 PM

    What a great day; what a great God! I'm so thankful that you were able to attend the seminar. I know that God will use your story to help HPS and other patients in the future not to have to go through many of the trial-and-error treatments you have had to endure! Not to mention, you have helped educate many physicians and nurses with regards to compassionate care for those who don't respond to normal treatment modes. Lord willing, never again will an HPS patient be looked at by their caregivers with eyes of scepticism or disdain!


  3. Has the poisoned feeling been eliminated?

    Aunt Doris

  4. Just seeing if this works today. Aunt Lil

  5. Wow! It worked! so I can say something else. I wrote yesterday but it kept saying that my password was incorrect. But it seems I needed to click either Nickname or anonymous... Yes, WHAT a wonderful day! I used to be able to attend some of those doctor's conferences and would I have loved to sit in on this one! I'm sure that what the docs learned will impact their practice positively for years to come, and that Katy's spirit will impact them personally. We'll be praying that even in that hospital others will come to faith in the Saviour. Cheers! Kathryn! Keep the battle going, the victories seem to be on the way, one by one now. Love, Aunt Lil

  6. Kathryn,
    Our computor has been sick with a virus the past 2 weeks & I have missed your blog. What good things God is doing through you and your illness! The medical world will never be the same. How like you to start a new year with a new name. It reflects the beautiful young woman that you have become because of all you have been through.